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ALIENX is the only high-performance staking blockchain driven by AI nodes which supports earning with BTC, ETH, ARB, SOL, and NFTs. It is built for the mass adoption of NFT and gaming.

Funding Rounds: $17 Million

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology

What is ALIENX

  • AI-Driven, NFT and Gaming Infrastructure
ALIENX is a high-performance blockchain driven by AI nodes, dedicated to becoming the blockchain infrastructure for NFTs and gaming. A global network of 50,000 AI nodes will intelligently participate in network security monitoring, maintenance, and network rewards. ALIENX makes it possible to integrate billions of NFTs and gaming assets with blockchain and AI.
  • AI Node Rewards
AI Node is the key to driving the ALIENX blockchain. Each AI Node acts as a super node operated through AI proxies. Anyone can purchase and participate in running AI Nodes to earn network rewards.
  • Native Staking Rewards
ALIENX is a high-performance staking blockchain compatible with EVM, and the only chain that supports earning income through staking with BTC, ETH, ARB, SOL, and NFTs. Users on the ALIENX blockchain will automatically receive network rewards through staking.
  • Major User Airdrop
The key to building network effects lies in significant user incentives. From the outset of its launch, ALIENX has reserved no less than 60% of its user airdrop rewards for network users and ecosystem builders, ensuring the ongoing vitality of ALIENX.
  • Gas Revenue Sharing
Unlike other Layer 2 solutions that retain gas fee revenue, ALIENX will activate gas fee revenue sharing functionality 180 days after the mainnet launch. This revenue will be shared among AI node operators, dApp developers, and ecosystem users.


IDO (Solanium Launchpad): Apr 10, 2024 - Apr 12, 2024
Raised: 17,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Arbitrum One

Token info

Ticker: AIX
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20

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