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Tokenizing healthcare by leveraging the power of Defi and blockchain. Empowering patients by enabling them to access, have ownership of and monetize their clinical records, while also offering a Defi protocol for covering medical-based financial obligations.
MedicalVeda seeks to address the modern-day challenges faced by the health care industry. It leverages innovative technologies such as Blockchain, Defi, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Contracts. Medical Veda decentralizes the access to and ownership of medical records while presenting patients with a scalable, eminently compatible, secure and interoperable platform. In addition, it allows patients and medical practitioners to get seamless lending solution for their medical-related financial needs.

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Project industryHealth & Medicine
Product typeEcosystem

What is MedicalVeda

MedicalVeda leverages modern-age technologies such as Blockchain, DeFi, Big Data, AI, Cryptography, and Smart Contracts to address the healthcare industry's challenges surrounding data accessibility, data ownership, and funding for medical treatment. It provides patients with authority to access and get ownership of their medical records while also facilitating them to incentivize their data by trading it in a dedicated medical Veda data marketplace.

The existing healthcare platforms have limitations in handling multi-institutional, lifetime medical records, as observed in the recent pandemic of COVID-19. MedicalVeda offers a comprehensive blockchain-based ecosystem that ensures compatibility with the existing healthcare models and EHRs while ensuring interoperability with other blockchain networks. Medical Veda believes in the patient's exclusivity being the owner of their clinical data and furnishes a platform for its monetization to trusted parties.

The traditional healthcare systems operating at large are prone to security threats and manipulated transactions or records. MedicalVeda stands out by offering a blockchain-based consensus mechanism whereby it uses decentralization and cryptography to ensure only the right transactions are executed and only authorized representatives have access to information. MedicalVeda provides a protocol focused on keeping the system protected from threats while ensuring transparency, traceability, and provenance for medical records. All data remains immutable, meaning there is no room for someone to alter to delete a specific record.

Data verification and product authentication is a critical process for ensuring the authenticity of medical data. MedicalVeda offers a dedicated explorer tool within the MedicalVeda platform that enables its users to handle data verification explicitly. MedicalVeda believes in using Smart Contracts to send information with transparency and security, allowing patients to create a reliable and sincere connection for consultation. Keeping a unified platform and a transaction environment supported through programmable Smart Contracts utilizes its Mveda Token as the only currency managing the secure peer-to-peer transactions for building up a reliable, efficient, and seamless system.


IEO (Exmarkets Launchpad): Sep 28, 2020 - Oct 26, 2020
Token supply: 88,000,000 MVEDA
Total tokens for sale: 52,800,000 MVEDA
Hard cap: 8,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Canada
Registration year: 2018
Office address: 33 Bloor Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Token info

Ticker: MVEDA
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC20
Token price in USD: 1 MVEDA = 0.16 USDT
Accepted currencies: ETH, USDT
Token distribution:
60% - Public Sale - IEO
12.5% - Team and founder, adviser & partners
25% - Reserve fund
10% - Marketing fund
2.5% - Bounty end events
Funds allocation:
40% - Platform Development
20% - Recruitment And Compensation
30% - Marketing and Media
10% - Legal Cost

MedicalVeda Roadmap

Q4 2018
  • The conceptualization of the idea, Initial research and feasibility
  • 2
    Q1-Q2 2019
  • Getting leadership team on-board
  • Initial research & feasibility study
  • 3
    Q3-Q4 2019
  • Participate at world stage Websummit Lisbon, Portugal, 4-7 Nov 2019
  • Website Development & Release
  • Pitch Deck, One-pager, White Paper and Introductory Video release
  • Marketing Campaign Planning
  • 4
    Q1-Q2 2020
  • Build the platform for Personal Health Record(PHR)
  • Design, API and user interface specification
  • Product documentation
  • Token Development & Sale Planning
  • 5
    Q3-Q4 2020
  • Work with firm developer and connection of EHR
  • Token Listing on reputed exchanges
  • Crowd Sales Offering
  • 6
    Q1-Q2 2021
  • Release the first version of the end-user application, Veda Health Portal(VHP)
  • MVeda Token(MVT) Released
  • 7
    Q3-Q4 2021
  • Smart contracts and Data Marketplace development
  • Sign interoperability agreements with healthcare Providers and main players
  • 8
    Q1-Q2 2022
  • Launch Medical Veda in UK, Asia and MiddleEast
  • Project team

    Amir H Neghabian
    Amir H Neghabian
    CEO, Founder & Serial Entrepreneur
    Amir H Neghabian linkedin
    Reza Moradi
    Reza Moradi
    Project & Program Manager
    Reza Moradi linkedin
    Hasan Al-Abadi
    Hasan Al-Abadi
    CTO, IT Expert, Security in Computing, PhD
    Hasan Al-Abadi linkedin
    Nina Neghabian
    Nina Neghabian
    Medical and Healthcare Specialist, MD PhD
    Nina Neghabian linkedin


    Saif Shakir
    Saif Shakir
    Business Analyst at NeoSOFT Technologies
    Saif Shakir linkedin
    Muhammad Mohsin Irshad
    Muhammad Mohsin Irshad
    Sr. UI/UX Designer at EXCEED IT Services
    Muhammad Mohsin Irshad linkedin
    Muhammad Younas
    Muhammad Younas
    Blockchain enthusiast with practical experien
    Muhammad Younas linkedin
    Frederik Lund
    Frederik Lund
    Legal & Financial advisor
    Frederik Lund linkedin

    Social media

    MedicalVeda web-siteMedicalVeda MediumMedicalVedaYouTubeMedicalVeda TelegramMedicalVeda LinkedInMedicalVeda TwitterMedicalVeda Facebook



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