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Memority (EMT) is the platform for a decentralized storage of valuable data on the blockchain, which ensures the continued availability of several encrypted copies of data on storage locations around the world.

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Project industryBig Data & Data Storage
Product typePlatform

What is Memority

Memority platform for fully decentralized, secure storage of valuable data on a blockchain, which ensures the continued availability of multiple encrypted copies of data on unrelated storage locations around the world. Memority's mission is to create a self-sufficient ecosystem that includes many applications to meet the needs of business, government organizations and individuals in the super-secure storage of all kinds of valuable data.

The Memority API allows third-party developers to create desktop and online applications for decentralized encrypted storage of various types of data without a lengthy investigation into the technical details of the blocking technology. Developers of such applications are charged for storing each byte of data downloaded through their application.


Data is protected against accidental deletion (there are always several copies of data on the system (by default, 10), the monitoring system periodically checks their availability and creates new copies in other stores in case of a lack of duplicates).

Data is protected against forgery (unique data identifiers are stored in the database, the system regularly searches for fakes and restores the correct number of copies of original data if the files have been tampered with).

The Memority system is completely self-contained and independent (data storage, the process of monitoring and recovering copies of files, encryption and validation of data for authenticity are completely decentralized, there is no dependence on any centralized systems)


Pre-sales: May 16, 2018 - May 30, 2018
Public sales: May 31, 2018 - Oct 01, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 60,000,000
Token supply: 795,000,000 EMT
Total tokens for sale: 855,000,000 EMT
Soft cap: 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 85,500,000 USD
Raised: 4,705,387 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: USA, China, Japan, South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea
Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2018
Office address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Parda tn 4-411-1, 10151

Token info

Ticker: EMT
Type: Cryptocurrency
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 EMT = 0.01 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH
Bonus program:
20% bonus Pre-ICO: May 16th - May 30th
15% bonus ICO: May 31th - June 30th
10% bonus ICO: July 1th - July 31th
5% bonus ICO: August 1th - August 31th
Token distribution:
4% Public presale
53% Token sale
15% Team
15% Seed investors
10% Reserve fund
2% Bounties
1% Early miners
Funds allocation:
67% Research and development
16% Marketing
7% Administration/Operation
5% Team/Advisors rewards
5% Legal
35% Research and development
55% Marketing
3% Administration/Operation
5% Team/Advisors rewards
2% Legal
15% Research and development
77% Marketing
2% Administration/Operation
5% Team/Advisors rewards
1% Legal

Memority Roadmap


The idea of Memority was born.

May 2017

Memority platform development Start.

December 2017

Closed Alpha release.

April 2018

Memority Open Alpha release.

May 2018

Users feedback collection.

July 2018

Beta release.

August 2018

Memority platform 1.0 development Start.

Q3 2018

Client application optimization.

Q4 2018

Platform architecture optimization.

March 2019

Memority platform 1.0 release.

Project team

Ilya Ratovsky
Ilya Ratovsky
Ilya Ratovsky linkedin
Stanislav Rubtsov
Stanislav Rubtsov
Stanislav Rubtsov linkedin
Alexander Pivtorak
Alexander Pivtorak
PR Manager
Alexander Pivtorak linkedin
Vladimir Marchinskiy
Vladimir Marchinskiy
Head of Legal Department
Vladimir Marchinskiy linkedin
Vitaliy Minyaylo
Vitaliy Minyaylo
Marketing Manager
Vitaliy Minyaylo linkedin
Andrew Vityk
Andrew Vityk
Blockchain Developer
Andrew Vityk linkedin
Alexander Petrenko
Alexander Petrenko
Blockchain Developer
Alexander Petrenko linkedin
Oleh Reshtak
Oleh Reshtak
UX/UI Designer
Oleh Reshtak linkedin
Alexandra Andriyishyna
Alexandra Andriyishyna
Java Developer
Alexandra Andriyishyna linkedin
Eugene Harkavenko
Eugene Harkavenko
Swift Developer
Eugene Harkavenko linkedin
Alexey Kostenko
Alexey Kostenko
Backend Developer
Alexey Kostenko linkedin


Michael Dvornichenko
Michael Dvornichenko
Business Advisor
Michael Dvornichenko linkedin
Denys Saprykin
Denys Saprykin
Financial Advisor
Denys Saprykin linkedin
Dmitry Semiryazhko
Dmitry Semiryazhko
Advisor, Co-Founder at Pinxter Digital
Dmitry Semiryazhko linkedin
Alexander Shulga
Alexander Shulga
Business Development Advisor
Alexander Shulga linkedin
Eugene Kuznetsov
Eugene Kuznetsov
Blockchain Advisor
Eugene Kuznetsov linkedin

Social media

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