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Mintlayer (ML)


Mintlayer is a protocol focused on developing a decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem that leverages the Bitcoin and Lightning Network.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeTechnology
FoundedSan Marino

What is Mintlayer

Mintlayer USP - Atomic Swaps

While other projects are trying to enable DeFi on Bitcoin, Mintlayer is the only protocol that enables direct 1:1 swap of Native Bitcoin for other tokenized assets Minted directly on Mintlayer. With these atomic swaps on Mintlayer, there are no intermediaries, peg-in, wrapped or federated tokens. No other project has approached asset swaps in this manner, and it enables users to use native Bitcoin for financial instruments without counterparty or intermediary risk.    


Mintlayer has eased the process of running a node so resource efficient that almost anyone with a typical desktop computer can run a node. This makes it easier for more users to run a node and helps to create a more decentralized network.  


Privacy has been at the forefront of development at Mintlayer, which is creating a new tokenization standard called MLS-02. These “privacy enabled” tokens will increase privacy by allowing users of MLS-02 tokens to make confidential transactions and increase anonymity.     


Mintlayer solves blockchain scalability by shrinking the transaction size by about 70%. On top of this, Mintlayer also utilizes the Lightning Network for near-instant and low-cost transactions with high throughput. 

Additional Features

  • Unlike Ethereum, users can choose any token to pay transaction fees.
  • With Turing incomplete smart contracts, Mintlayer reduces the risk of contract failure and increases outcome predictability. This feature also reduces on-chain congestion.
  • It has an access control list or Access control list (ACL) for improved compliance with security tokens such as whitelisting/blacklisting addresses and such functionalities.
  • With multi-token transfers in a single transaction, Mintlayer makes aggregated payments a reality.
  • By integrating the Lightning Network, Mintlayer users will enjoy high transactions per second to enable fast transactions.
  • This project also has programmable pools for efficient tokenomics and evading Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO) pollution.


Pre-sales: May 23, 2021 - May 24, 2021
Public sales: Mar 24, 2023 - TBA
IDO (Launchpool): Nov 22, 2021 - Nov 28, 2021
IEO (Gate Launchpad): Mar 22, 2023 - Mar 23, 2023
IDO (Launchpool): Mar 21, 2022 - Mar 30, 2022
Token supply: 400,000,000 ML
Raised: 5,200,000 USD


Registration country: San Marino
Registration year: 2020
Office address: P.zza E. Enriquez 22/C Repubblica di San Marino

Token info

Ticker: ML
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 MLT = 0.25 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT
Token distribution:
Pre Seed Sale - 0.63%
Seed Sale - 13.65%
Fair Launch - 1.58%
Initial DEX Offering - 1.5%
Marketing & Listing - 16,25%
Protocol Development - 16.25%
Community Incentives - 5%
Company Reserve - 32.65%
Team & Advisors - 12.5%

Mintlayer Roadmap

2020 Q2

Mintlayer idea is born

2020 Q3

Dynamic Slot Allotment (DSA) Conceptualization

2020 Q4

DSA Testing and Prototyping

2021 Q1

Mintlayer DEX prototyping

2021 Q2

Implementation of UTXO and BLS on Substrate

2021 Q3

Testnet fullnode with basic PoS consensus

2021 Q4

Launch of “Von Neumann” Testnet

2022 Q1

New node codebase to replace Substrate started

2022 Q2

Mobile wallet version (Bitcoin enabled)

2022 Q3

Mobile wallet support for Bitcoin Lightning Network

2022 Q4

Library for the node database

2023 Q1

Token Generation Event

2023 Q2

Launch of “Lovelace“ testnet
Fullnode release candidate for Linux, Windows, Mac
MLS-01 and MLS-03 standards in testnet

2023 Q3

Mainnet launch
DSA Consensus System v.0

2023 Q4

Wallet integration of ML and MLS tokens
Basic Atomic Swap system

2024 and beyond

Free gas market for transactions
WebAssembly Programmable Pools
Access Control List for MLS-01
Atomic Swap DEX with Distributed Hash Table
Lightning Network Integration
MLS-02 Confidential Transactions

Project team

Enrico Rubboli
Enrico Rubboli
Former Bitfinex
Enrico Rubboli linkedin
Luca Viviani
Luca Viviani
Former JUR
Luca Viviani linkedin
Sam Patton
Sam Patton
Chief Marketing Officer
Sam Patton linkedin
Michael Bille
Michael Bille
Business Development Manager
Michael Bille linkedin
Ben Marsh
Ben Marsh
Researcher at Toshiba
Fabio Fabbrucci
Fabio Fabbrucci
Product Manager
Fabio Fabbrucci linkedin
Daniele Magiera
Daniele Magiera
Web & Marketing
Daniele Magiera linkedin
Fabio Cacciola
Fabio Cacciola
Design & Marketing
Christoper Luu
Christoper Luu
Former PowerTrade
Christoper Luu linkedin
Adam Justice
Adam Justice
Technical Blockchain Writer
Adam Justice linkedin
Pietro Calvaruso
Pietro Calvaruso
Head of legal dept
Pietro Calvaruso linkedin
Stanislav Tkach
Stanislav Tkach
Rust Developer
Stanislav Tkach linkedin
Heorhii Azarov
Heorhii Azarov
Former C++ Engineering Lead
Heorhii Azarov linkedin
Fatima Castiglione
Fatima Castiglione
Solidity Developer
Fatima Castiglione linkedin
Julia Ustinovich
Julia Ustinovich
UI/UX design
Javier Cabrera
Javier Cabrera
Frontend developer
Javier Cabrera linkedin
Anton Sinitsyn
Anton Sinitsyn
Former Lunu Solutions GmbH
Anton Sinitsyn linkedin
Aaro Altonen
Aaro Altonen
Former Tampere University
Aaro Altonen linkedin
Sergey Chystiakov
Sergey Chystiakov
Sergey Chystiakov linkedin
Lukas Kuklinek
Lukas Kuklinek
Former Compiler engineer
Lukas Kuklinek linkedin
Dr. Samer Afach
Dr. Samer Afach
Blockchain developer
Roy Ben Abraham
Roy Ben Abraham
Former Rust developer
Syed Zain Ali
Syed Zain Ali
React Native Developer
Alexander Romashko
Alexander Romashko
Frontend Developer
Renie Siqueira
Renie Siqueira
Fullstack Developer
Renie Siqueira linkedin
Giannis Jegutanis
Giannis Jegutanis
Blockchain developer & founder of Coinomi
Pavel Kokolemin
Pavel Kokolemin
Rust Developer
Pavel Kokolemin linkedin
Rafael Yakobi
Rafael Yakobi
The Crypto Lawyers
Rafael Yakobi linkedin
Divij Sood
Divij Sood
Razor Network, GlobeDx
Divij Sood linkedin


Charlie Shrem
Charlie Shrem
Bitcoin Foundationа
Michael Terpin
Michael Terpin
Transform Ventures
Liam Robertson
Liam Robertson
Soh Yuan Chin
Soh Yuan Chin
Simon Schwerin
Simon Schwerin
Iconomy Partners
Fabio Cardoni
Fabio Cardoni
Business Development
Davide Caminati
Davide Caminati
Quality Assurance
Giorgio Linguanti
Giorgio Linguanti

Social media

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