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NuriTopia is a boundless universe that brings people with similar hobbies and common interests together.

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Project industryMedia
Product typeMetaverse
WhitepaperNuriTopia White Paper Open

What is NuriTopia

NuriFlex Group’s metaverse platform, NURITOPIA, is a boundless universe that interests together under its service “FRIENDS & HANGOUTS”. We are developing a platform that fuses the virtual and the real to facilitate the process of authentically forging social connections and offers an opportunity to be rewarded by participating in both real-life and fantastical activities. In NURITOPIA, users will interact through avatars, create and trade own unique contents, all while having fun in the NURITOPIA metaverse. Additional services will be included to shape out an ecosystem with unique characteristics.

NuriFlex is a South-Korean company focusing on telecommunication technologies and applications to supply a simple, convergent solution for the utility industry, including Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), renewable energy production grids (Micro-Grid), energy management systems (EMS), Carrier-grade VoIP phones and services, TV White Space (TVWS), and blockchain-based trading platform.


IEO (Gate Launchpad): Mar 23, 2023 - Mar 24, 2023
Token supply: 5,000,000,000 NBLU
Total tokens for sale: 8,000,000 NBLU


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: NBLU
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token price in USD: 1 NBLU = 0.015 USD
Token distribution:
Seles - 8.00%
Ecosystem - 39.00%
MArketing - 10.00%
Operation - 10.75%
Participant - 8.25%
Team - 10.00%
Strategic Partner - 14.00%

NuriTopia Roadmap

Q1 2021~2022
  • NURITOPIA design, planning, and development
  • Token design and development (NBLU, NFT)
  • Discussion and planning with third-party solution providers
  • New website design and development
Q2 2021~2022
  • NBLU Whitepaper v1.0 preparation
Q3 2021~2022
  • NBLU token issuance
  • NBLU Whitepaper v1.0 release
  • NURITOPIA Friends & Hangouts Zone test(alpha) version release
  • NURITOPIA NFT Marketplace Zone design and development
Q4 2021~2022
  • NURITOPIA Friends & Hangouts Zone test(beta) version release
  • NURITOPIA global marketing
Q2 2023
  • NURITOPIA Friends & Hangouts Zone official version release
  • NURITOPIA NFT Marketplace Zone official version release
Q3 2023
  • NURITOPIA Work Office Zone official version release
  • NURITOPIA Community Zone official version release
Q4 2023
  • NURITOPIA Health Consulting Zone official version release

Project team

Song Man Cho
Song Man Cho
NuriFlex Group Chairman
Seok Won(Steve) Yang
Seok Won(Steve) Yang
NuriFlex Holdings CSO
Franklin Ngamga
Franklin Ngamga
NuriFlex Inc. BD Director
Jay Song
Jay Song
NuriFlex Holdings CFO
Jun Choi
Jun Choi
Friends & Hangouts Metaverse PM
Chee Yoon Jin
Chee Yoon Jin
Planning Lead
Won Kyu Lee
Won Kyu Lee
Blockchain & Server Team Lead


Hangbae Chang
Hangbae Chang
Howon Kim
Howon Kim
Ock Hyun Noh
Ock Hyun Noh
VP, Assetplus
Seuk Joon Lee
Seuk Joon Lee
Partner Lawyer at Yulchon LLC
Kyujo Lee
Kyujo Lee
Aseptic Group Chairman
Sun Hyung Yoo
Sun Hyung Yoo
Medihub CEO
Yo Han Kim
Yo Han Kim
Medihub CMO
Jung Hoon Han
Jung Hoon Han
NuriFlex Korea, CTO
Seong Ho Shin
Seong Ho Shin
NuriVoice, CTO
Ernie Ofori
Ernie Ofori
NuriFlex Inc., CTO

Social media

NuriTopia web-siteNuriTopia TelegramNuriTopia InstagramNuriTopia LinkedInNuriTopia TwitterNuriTopia FacebookNuriTopia Discord



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