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One-click swap multi-tokens on multi-chains with minimum price.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeDapp
WhitepaperOmniHop White Paper Open

What is OmniHop

OmniHop is a composable omnichain liquidity aggregation protocol. With smartly aggregating multi-chain liquidity sources, OmniHop enables cross-chain swaps with the deepest liquidity and the best rate. Users can easily convert token X on chain A into token Y on chain B with just a single transaction.

Additionally, OmniHop is highly composable with other dApps allowing developers to easily access the cross-chain liquidity protocol in order to build cross-chain DeFi, NFT marketplaces, IDO launchpad platforms, and more.


Registration year: 2023

Token info

Token distribution:
Team - 17.50%
Investors - 10.00%
Seed - 3.00%
Private Sale - 12.00%
Public Sale - 0.50%
Bonding Curve - Post Launch - 16.00%
Bonding Curve DEXs - 2.00%
Advisor & Partnership - 9.00%
Community - 30.00%

OmniHop Roadmap

LH 2023
  • OmniHop Testnet
  • OmniHop Early Hoper NFT
  • Audits
FH 2024
  • Token Pre-Sale
  • Token IDO
  • Mobile Application Launch (Android & 10S)
  • Optimize UI/UX
LF 2024
  • Token Allocation Announcement
  • OmniHop Mainnet
  • Swap Time Optimization
FH 2025
  • Voting Upgrade
  • User-Oriented Tools
  • OmniHop Lending Testnet Live
  • OmniHop Margin Testnet Live

Social media

OmniHop web-siteOmniHop MediumOmniHop TelegramOmniHop X (Twitter)OmniHop Discord

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