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PaynShop enables users to share and securely store digital assets both automatically and manually. This technology has the capacity to handle user activities such as payment processing, product searches, product purchases and customer care.

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Project industryCommerce & Retail

What is PaynShop

Paynshop is a payment and E-commerce network that enables people to transact with each other at a low cost, created on the waves network. we are pushing forward to deploy the necessary services to create a business logic for distributing rewards based on E-commerce ecosystem. This gives us easy access to transaction histories and balances that are already indexed and stored as part of the Innovation Safeguard the Ecommerce ecosystem.

The blockchain technology enables users to share and securely store digital assets both automatically and manually. The technology has the capacity to handle user activities such as payment processing,product searching, purchases and customer care.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized digital payment system based on encryption that’s to say , this type of currency is not controlled by any state, government, or bank and it allows for direct exchange amongst its users. Paynshp coin handles decentralized part of E-store exchanges.


IEO (Exmarkets Launchpad): Jul 09, 2021 - Jul 23, 2021
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 PAYNS
Total tokens for sale: 200,000,000 PAYNS
Hard cap: 150,000,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Token info

Ticker: PAYNS
Token standard: BEP20
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USDT
Token distribution:
70% -Distributed to Community
15% - Reserved Funding
9% - Founders and Team
3% - Advisors
3% - «Bounty» campaign

PaynShop Roadmap

2021 Listing on PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap. Token holders can take advantage of much cheaper and faster transactions within the network, compared to Waves, where the unpopular exchanges are interfering with profitability. Moreover, PancakeSwap offers additional opportunities for staking and yield farming.

2021 Development plan

Access to cross-chain DeFi applications Exchanging tokens between blockchain networks allows the token holders to leverage their favorite chain without being restricted to the network choice of the contract owner.

2021 Create BEP20

PaynShop listed on Binance Smart Chain as a BEP-20 token. Hence, the PaynShop token will become multi-chained — interchangeable from waves-based tokens to Binance Smart Chain-enabled BEP-20 tokens and back. PaynShop will provide a proprietary bridge within a special section of the company website that allows token holders to change tokens to and from easily.

2022 Attraction of Advisors

Attraction of advisors. Development of the Paynshop platform mock-up. Technical audit.

2022 Trade Enquiries

Development of a partnership model in Paynshop ecosystem. Trade enquiries. Agreement with a partner online. Development of IQ Paynshop API. Start of the platform development. Start of ecosystem formation (more than 30 partners).

2023 Preparation for ICO

Preparation for ICO. Development of a smart contract for Paynshop token release. PreICO conducting. Continue the development of the platform. Ecosystem formation continuation (more than 100 partners).

2023 ICO Conducting

ICO conducting. Paynshop API development. Paynshop web application development. Paynshop API and IQ Paynshop API link testing. New IQ Paynshop applications development. Paynshop tokens listing on crypto-currency stocks. Start of the marketing campaign to attract end-users.

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