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AiMalls (AIT)

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AiMalls is a revolutionary global marketplace, a SEC Registered in the Philippines, powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence and underpinned by its utility token AIT.

AiMalls transcends traditional shopping experiences, unifying sellers and buyers in a seamless digital platform where efficiency and customer satisfaction reign supreme. Our vision is to break down barriers between e-commerce and consumers, providing both Web3 and Web2 users with a versatile shopping platform they’ve always desired.

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks
Product typeMarketplace
WhitepaperAiMalls White Paper Open
OnepagerAiMalls Onepager Open

What is AiMalls

AiMalls is packed with features that make it a powerful and effective platform for sellers and buyers alike. Some of the key features of the platform includes : Personal product recommendation, Chatbots powered by AI for Customer Service, Automated Product Categorization, Mobile-friendly Design, Voice-activated Navigation and Shopping, Image Recognition for Product Search, Secure Payment System, Partnership and Integration with Luxury Brands, Live Selling, and Affiliate Program.

Token Utility: With AIT, users can unlock a variety of exclusive features and benefits on AiMalls. Here's what AIT token holders can enjoy:

  • Purchase sponsored slots to advertise their store and products, boosting visibility and sales.
  • Access exclusive content or products on the app, providing added value for AIT token holders.
  • Receive rewards or incentives for making purchases or completing certain actions on the app.
  • Use AIT as an alternative payment method for purchases, ensuring greater security and anonymity for users.

By holding and utilizing AIT tokens, users can enhance their AiMalls experience, making it more rewarding and enjoyable. The AIT token is more than just a currency; it's a key to a more personalized and fulfilling shopping experience on AiMalls.


Public sales: Oct 01, 2023 - Oct 17, 2023
IDO (Kommunitas Launchpad): Oct 13, 2023 - Oct 14, 2023
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Oct 23, 2023 - Oct 27, 2023
IDO (NFTb Launchpad): Oct 10, 2023 - Oct 10, 2023
IDO (Vulture Peak Launchpad): TBA - TBA
IDO (TrustFi Launchpad): Oct 25, 2023 - Oct 25, 2023
IDO (Spores Launchpad): Oct 28, 2023 - Oct 29, 2023
IDO (KingdomStarter Launchpad): Oct 14, 2023 - Oct 14, 2023
Token supply: 850,000 AIT


Blockchain Platform: Binance Smart Chain
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: AIT
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: BEP-20
Token distribution:
Team - 10%
Marketing - 10%
Core - 5%
Foundation - 10%
Liquidity - 3%
Staking - 25%
Airdrop/Bounty - 10%
Sales - 27%

AiMalls Roadmap

2023 Q1

Validity: Aimalls : Concept and Idea Research, Planning, and Design Proposal

2023 Q2

Community Building Social Media Marketing

2023 Q3

Design and Development of Aimalls Website Partnerships, Marketing Token Sale

2023 Q4

Exchange Listings, Token Audit (Safety) Marketing Development of Mobile app on iOS and Android AI Intergration

2024 Q1

Testing AI Integration Quality Assurance

2024 Q2

Launching Marketing Partnership Scaling

2024 Q3

SEO optimization, digital advertising campaigns, Google ads, Youtube ads

2024 Q4

Maintenance and Support

Project team

Fred Bruno
Fred Bruno
Fred Bruno linkedin
Ferds Juliano
Ferds Juliano
Ferds Juliano linkedin
Ferdie Risma
Ferdie Risma
Ferdie Risma linkedin
Jean Choy
Jean Choy
Business Development Manager/Co-Founder
Jeroen Vierdag
Jeroen Vierdag
Business Development Officer
Jeroen Vierdag linkedin
Charlie Opiana
Charlie Opiana
Research and Development (R&D)/Co-Founder
Charlie Opiana linkedin
Jawel Calixto
Jawel Calixto
Creative Graphic Designer / UI and UX
Jawel Calixto linkedin
Rodel Hilvano
Rodel Hilvano
Social Media Manager
Rodel Hilvano linkedin
Jayson Navales
Jayson Navales
Co-Founder/Community Manager
Jayson Navales linkedin
John Cedrick Ubagan
John Cedrick Ubagan
Community Support
John Cedrick Ubagan linkedin

Social media

AiMalls web-siteAiMalls MediumAiMallsYouTubeAiMalls TelegramAiMalls InstagramAiMalls LinkedInAiMalls TwitterAiMalls FacebookAiMalls Discord

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