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PolkaStation (POLKAS)


Polkastation combines various DeFi protocols, NFT minting, and marketplace with the Polkadot framework as its base. Though early blockchains serve the purpose of deploying decentralized applications, there are limitations like lack of run-time specialization and limited throughput.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeDeFi
WhitepaperPolkaStation White Paper Open
OnepagerPolkaStation Onepager Open

What is PolkaStation

The world is prophetic about the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional industries. Several projects are born daily in the blockchain space to make lives easier for end users. But the reliability of these projects is still questionable. According to a survey, 7 in 10 projects stick to their mission and vision while the rest evade the market in a flash. Polkastation is here to offer its community members a wide range of services, enhancing their financial stability. Polkastation makes the proper use of advanced technologies like NFTs, gaming engines, and various DeFi protocols for the betterment of people worldwide. The goal is to stay in the market forever, being a stable and sustainable project in the blockchain space.


IDO (FantomLive Launchpad): Oct 09, 2022 - Oct 11, 2022
IDO (DAOStarter Launchpad): Oct 11, 2022 - Oct 13, 2022
IDO (MarsPad Launchpad): Oct 15, 2022 - Oct 16, 2022
IDO (BrightyPad Launchpad): Oct 14, 2022 - Oct 14, 2022
IDO (X_Starter Launchpad): Oct 07, 2022 - Oct 09, 2022
IDO (ERAX Launchpad): Oct 13, 2022 - Oct 14, 2022
Token supply: 50,000,000 POLKAS

Token info

Ticker: POLKAS
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 POLKAS = 0.0125 USDT
Token distribution:
Team - 6%
Airdrop - 4%
Private Round - 5%
IDO Sale - 40%
Liquidity - 16.5%
Ecosystem Rewards - 15%
NFT Rewards -13.5%

PolkaStation Roadmap

  • Team Formation
  • Website Live
  • Whitepaper release
  • Smart Contract Deployment
  • Launchpad Development
  • Bsc Smartchain Intigration
  • Certik Audit
  • Solid Proof Audit
  • Coinsult Audit
  • Airdrop Campaign
  • Bounty Campaign
  • Private Sale
  • IDO Fairlaunch
  • Community Building & Marketing Campaign
  • AMM Decentralised Exchange
  • IDO Launch Station live
  • NFT Market Place live
  • Yield Aggregator Live
  • IDO Pools Staking Live
  • Farming Live
  • Walk to Earn App live
  • CEXs Listing
  • Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing
  • Network Bridge Live
  • Play to Earn Game live
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Polygon Network Intigration
  • O fee Blockchain Live
  • IGO Station Live
  • Cardano Network Intigration
  • INO Station Live

Project team

€ Jalandhar
€ Jalandhar
CEO & CO-Founder
€ Jalandhar linkedin
P Vishnu
P Vishnu
Chief Finance Officer
P Vishnu linkedin
Mahammad Asif
Mahammad Asif
Chief Marketing Officer
Mahammad Asif linkedin
Annamalai V
Annamalai V
UI/UX Designer & Content writer
Annamalai V linkedin
Dipanker Mistri
Dipanker Mistri
Community Manager(INDIA)
Dipanker Mistri twitter
Zun Marshall
Zun Marshall
Community Manager(INDONESIA)
Zun Marshall twitter

Social media

PolkaStation web-sitePolkaStation RedditPolkaStation TelegramPolkaStation LinkedInPolkaStation Twitter



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