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Turn the time you sepend on social media platforms into income. Also you can increase your popularity and become a influencer.

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Project industrySocial Services & Non-profit
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperPolypuX White Paper Open

What is PolypuX

PUX offers an opportunity to gain passive income from the interactions received in social media. Meantime, it helps companies or other parties promoting their products to the right audience. Additionally, both individuals and corporate accounts can use PolypuX platform to grow their social media accounts.

How It Works

After you become a member of the system, you will earn PUX for all the interactions you make on your social media accounts.PUX tokens from likes, comments and shares can either be used in the mission rewards to gain popularity or can be used as passive income.


IEO (Chainx Launchpad): Mar 20, 2021 - Apr 14, 2021
Token supply: 80,000,000 PUX
Total tokens for sale: 40,000,000 PUX
Hard cap: 220 ETH


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2020

Token info

Ticker: PUX
Token price in ETH: 1ETH= 45,000 PUX
Token distribution:
Reserve Fund: 24.000.0000 PUX
Team Tokens: 7.000.000 PUX
Development : 3.000.000 PUX
Advertisement :3.000.000 PUX
Infrastructure : 3.000.000

Social media

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