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IDO is a non-custodial asset management protocol built on Solana. The protocol allows anyone to be an asset manager, with tools to launch and manage funds in a decentralized manner directly to investors, all on-chain. Investors can find and compare funds and fund managers that meet their investment criteria, and asset managers can grow their AUM with their fund management strategies.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeProtocol

What is SolStreet

We're building out the slickest decentralized fund marketplace on Solana, powered by the Serum DEX.

SolStreet protocol caters fairly to the interests of stakeholders — investors and asset managers alike.

Investors can:

  • Invest in as many funds as you would like, with no minimum investment, and no entry fees.
  • Choose from a range of funds — each utilizing a unique strategy via the liquid Serum DEX — to build your optimal portfolio.
  • Rest assured that your funds are secure as a result of being held securely in a smart contract, unable to be withdrawn by anybody but you.
  • Only pay performance fees if the value of your investment increases.

Fund managers can:

  • Raise investment directly into funds with no setup or ongoing costs.
  • Earn a manager-determined performance fee based on any fund appreciation, subject to a high-watermark.


IDO (TruePNL Launchpad): TBA - TBA
Token supply: 100,000,000 STRT


Blockchain Platform: Solana
Country limitations: USA, Iraq, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Cuba, Liberia

Token info

Ticker: STRT
Token price in USD: 1 STRT = 0.6 USD
Token distribution:
Ecosystem development and strategic reserve - 20%
Strategic investors - 10%
Performance mining - 50%
Team - 20%

SolStreet Roadmap

Q3 2021 Beginning of SolStreet Finance
  • SolStreet Finance teams up with winners of the 2021 Solana Season Orca AMM competition (0xalexbai), who serve as the software development team.
  • Money Never Sleeps trading competition begins with Wolf of SolStreet.
  • Initial devnet deployment of
  • 60,000 participants in Wolf of SolStreet.
  • Wolf of SolStreet ends with 1,500+ participants qualifying for a share of 200,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.
Q4 2021
  • Successful VC seeding round with investments from Invictus Capital, EBT Holdings, Black Onyx, Nodeseeds, and FiveWest.
  • Good FIll Hunting trading competition takes place with 1,500+ participants qualifying for a share of 300,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.
  • Complete UI upgrade to SolStreet Finance.
  • SolStreet Testers provided feedback and made improvements to UI during a closed beta environment ahead of The Great Gainsby.
  • The Great Gainsby ends with 2,250+ participants qualifying for a share of 500,000 $STRT tokens and exclusive SolStreet NFTs.
Q1 2022 SolStreet Finance on Solana Mainnet (w/Serum integration)
  • The genesis of $STRT tokens and initial distribution of prizes for the Money Never Sleeps competition series.
  • Begin support for NFT integration as well as NFT-based funds.
  • Mango Markets DEX integration.

Project team

Heinrich Meiring
Heinrich Meiring
Executive Vice President
Alexis Boshoff
Alexis Boshoff
Product Lead
Alexis Boshoff linkedin
Geoffrey Forbes
Geoffrey Forbes
Head of Growth
Geoffrey Forbes linkedin
Development Team
Nabeel Abrahams
Nabeel Abrahams
Community Manager
Nabeel Abrahams linkedin
Patrick Pretorius
Patrick Pretorius
Content Specialist
Patrick Pretorius linkedin

Social media

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