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SuiPad is a community-centric premier launchpad for innovative blockchain startups on Sui network. The main mission is to introduce only projects of the highest quality.

Fundraising: $1.155M

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Project industryCrowdfunding & Lending / Sui Ecosystem / Launchpad
Product typePlatform

What is SuiPad

SuiPad platform will be an all-in-one solution for project launch, with integrated wallet, vesting marketplace and transaction management. All major Sui wallets will be supported.

SuiPad ecosystem includes:
  • SuiPad IDO: Enable top tier Sui projects to launch their private sale and IDO. Startup incubator for all Sui projects by providing them technical tools, fundraising, marketing, and community building.
  • SuiPad Shield: An innovative insurance protocol to safeguard participants' principal capital, tailoring to everyone's risk appetite
  • SuiTank: The Web3 Shark Tank. a reality show series in which Web3 builders pitch their business to a panel of venture capitalists to secure investment from them. 6 panellists ready to grill the project owners from ground up


IEO (Gate Launchpad): May 08, 2023 - May 10, 2023
IDO (Daomaker Launchpad): Apr 28, 2023 - May 08, 2023
Pre-sale token supply: 38,200,000 SUIP
Token supply: 100,000,000 SUIP
Total tokens for sale: 48,000,000 SUIP
Hard cap: 1,650,000 USD
Raised: 1,155,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: SUI
Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2023
Office address: 30 Raffles Pl, Singapore , Singapore, 048622, SG

Token info

Ticker: SUIP
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 SUIP = 0,05 USD
Token distribution:
22% - Private
20% - Team
14,2% - Seed
13% - Reserves
10% - Liquidity
9,8% - Public sale
4% - Marketing
3% - Advisors
2% - Preseed
2% - Launchpool

SuiPad Roadmap

Q1 2023
  • SuiPad on Tesnet
  • Multiple wallet integration
  • Tesnet IDO for multiple projects on Sui
  • Continuous marketing push and community building
Q2 2023
  • SuiPad on Mainnet
  • Staking pool and SuiPad Shield
  • 1st batch of IDO (4 projects)
Q3 2023
  • Production of SuiTank first season (8 Episodes)
  • SuiTank first season on air
  • 2nd batch of IDO (8 projects)
  • 1st Cohort of SuiPad Incubation Program
Q4 2023
  • 1st Cohort of SuiPad Academy
  • 2nd Cohort of SuiPad Incubation
  • 3th batch of IDO (8 projects)

Project team

Joe Wan
Joe Wan
Co-Founder & CEO
Joe Wan linkedin
Daffy Lau
Daffy Lau
Co-Founder & CMO
Daffy Lau linkedin
David Tilšer
David Tilšer
David Tilšer linkedin
Eva Jirešová
Eva Jirešová
Project manager
Eva Jirešová linkedin


Ondřej Macháček
Ondřej Macháček
Ondřej Macháček linkedin
Oles Yabichuk
Oles Yabichuk
Oles Yabichuk linkedin

Social media

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