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StoryChain is an innovative multi-level AI-based dApp that fosters collaborative storytelling. Dive into a world of endless creativity as users come together to craft captivating stories with unique chapters and stunning artwork. By harnessing the power of Language AI and Image AI, each page becomes an extraordinary NFT, showcasing the brilliance of its creator.

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Project industryAI & Neural Networks
Product typeDapp
WhitepaperStoryChain White Paper Open

What is StoryChain

Welcome to StoryChain, a pioneering decentralized application (dApp) that is transforming the landscape of collaborative storytelling by integrating the power of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence (AI). StoryChain offers a unique platform where creativity knows no bounds, enabling users to collectively create engaging narratives, each immortalized as a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain. With a focus on fostering creativity and participation, StoryChain stands at the forefront of a new era in digital storytelling.

You can choose your art style when starting a story. Your character can be realist, black & white, pixel art, 3D or many other styles you can choose among.

  • Users can enter a title and prompt, select the Image AI model and style, and the system generates a story using their prompt as the theme. This story is minted as an NFT.
  • Different story types are available including collaborative stories, solo stories, and special day stories such as love letters or Halloween stories.
  • StoryChain includes two on-chain tokens: STRC (StoryChapter NFT) and STRY (Story Token).
    • STRC is the NFT users receive when they create stories.
    • STRY is used for creating stories, investment and governance token.


Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: STRC, STRY

StoryChain Roadmap


This phase will center on building the core components of StoryChain, including the smart contracts, backend infrastructure, and user-friendly frontend. The emphasis is on creating a stable and functional foundation.

Cross Chain

Expanding StoryChain's compatibility beyond its initial blockchain will be a pivotal step. Integrating with other blockchain networks broadens accessibility and fosters cross-chain collaboration.

Enchanced UI/UX

User experience is paramount. This phase involves refining the platform's user interface and experience based on user feedback, making it even more intuitive and engaging.

AI Hosting

With the basics in place, the project will move towards hosting its own AI models, particularly the StableDiffusion models. Fine-tuning these models for storytelling purposes will enhance the quality of generated content and the user experience.


Ensuring the security and reliability of the platform is crucial. Contract auditing by reputable firms will be conducted to safeguard the community's interests and bolster confidence in the project's integrity.

Community Growth Initiatives

StoryChain's success is closely tied to its community. Initiatives such as partnerships, ambassador programs, and educational resources will be launched to foster a robust and engaged user base.

StoryChain Token

To acknowledge and reward the contributors, a token release mechanism will be implemented. Contributors will receive tokens for their contributions and engagement within the platform.

Social media

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