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Swytch platform tracks and rewards the production of renewable energy.

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Project industryEnergy & Utilities
Product typePlatform

What is Swytch

Swytch is a blockchain-based application that aims to verify and reward the production of renewable energy through the issuance of an ERC20-compliant utility token - SET. Swytch tokens can be produced anywhere electricity can be produced and expended from both small residential and large-scale industrial power infrastructures. Moreover, Swytch token generated, traded, and transferred will accelerate investments and adoption of renewable and sustainable technologies by rewarding production and providing a platform through which those rewards can be monetized and re-invested. Energy production is authenticated using Swytch's Production protocol which solves the problems inherent with PoW and PoS.

Swytch ecosystem is built on four main elements. The first is the Swytch mobile application which acts as a token wallet, allows users to determine their power generation and revenue potential and applies for an advance to purchase and set up their own modular/expandable solar unit. The second piece of the Swytch platform is nodes enabling integration with IoT devices to capture energy production data from the equipment. Third element of the Swytch ecosystem, is the Oracle - an open-source algorithm that calculates Swytch token allocations based on the impact that a given unit of energy has on offsetting carbon pollution and emission. Finally, verified installers will confirm system design and receive rewards for accuracy.


Public sales: Jun 12, 2018 - Jul 12, 2018
Token supply: 203000000
Hard cap: 60,000,000 USD


Bounty: 3%

Token info

Ticker: SET
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.500000 USD
Token distribution:
10% - Grants & Energy Partnerships
14% - Foundation
15% - Core Team Founders
3% - Token Commons Project Fund
55% - Token Sales
3% - Bounties/Affiliates
Funds allocation:
90% - Energy Production rewards
10% - TGE

Swytch Roadmap

Q2 2017

Token Commons Foundation formation Initial Funding Swytch Development partnerships and technology development

Q4 2017

Core technology partnerships Design and Build Proof of Concept, Dashboard, data estimator and Pilots

Q2 2018

Germany Energy aggregation pilot completion · Additional fundraising round complete · Core technology development, IOT security, and team growth.

Q3 2018

Complete additional POC's with partner cities · Oracle AI refinement for DACM (Adaptive Module) · Oracle Consortium development.

Q4 2018

Pro-consumer residential token generation pilots · Oracle open source · International Partnerships growth and scale.

Q1 2019 And Beyond

Trusted IOT device protocol integration · Government and corporate engagement.

Project team

Evan Caron
Evan Caron
Cofounder and Managing Director
Evan Caron linkedin
John Redpath
John Redpath
John Redpath linkedin
John Clippinger
John Clippinger
Cofounder and Head of Token Innovation
John Clippinger linkedin
Andrew Pearsons
Andrew Pearsons
Managing Director
Andrew Pearsons linkedin
Youngsook Park
Youngsook Park
VP of Business Development
Youngsook Park linkedin
Eric Miller
Eric Miller
Director of Product and Lead Blockchain Developer
Eric Miller linkedin
Shawn Harmsen
Shawn Harmsen
Senior Fullstack Developer
Shawn Harmsen linkedin
Troy Martin
Troy Martin
Director of Compliance and Governance
Chris Griffith
Chris Griffith
Senior Full Stack Developer
Chris Griffith linkedin
Luke Filipos
Luke Filipos
Lead UX Designer
Luke Filipos linkedin


Kent Larson
Kent Larson
MIT Media Lab – Director, City Sciences
Kent Larson linkedin
Tony Seba
Tony Seba
Stanford University – Clean Energy Expert
Tony Seba linkedin
Brad Hardin
Brad Hardin
CTO, Black and Veatch
Brad Hardin linkedin
Peter Hirshberg
Peter Hirshberg
Principal, Maker City Project
Peter Hirshberg linkedin
Thomas Hardjono
Thomas Hardjono
Technical Director, MIT Internet Trust Consortium
Thomas Hardjono linkedin
Curt Lefebvre
Curt Lefebvre
CEO, nDimensional
Curt Lefebvre linkedin
Steve Jurvetson
Steve Jurvetson
Venture Capitalist
Steve Jurvetson linkedin
Marcia Kadanoff
Marcia Kadanoff
CEO, Maker City Project
Marcia Kadanoff linkedin
Mickey McManus
Mickey McManus
Visiting Research Fellow at Autodesk, Senior Advisor at BCG, Co-Author, Trillions
Mickey McManus linkedin
Marc Weinstein
Marc Weinstein
Venture Partner, Distributed Network Advisors
Marc Weinstein linkedin

Social media

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