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Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO

Past ICO
Dec 01, 2018 – Jan 15, 2019

Tenzorum is a key management protocol for the decentralized web. It provides the infrastructure to allow every user to interact with decentralized applications across multiple chains.

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Project industry Privacy & Security
Product type Service


Tenzorum provides an infrastructure to enable all users to access distributed applications across multiple chains.

Tenzorum users may build the base to manage and access keys, realize user experience friendly ecosystem of products and services using block chains.

As a mechanism of the platform seems to provide a user-friendly multi-leisure browser, Tenzorum incorporate a system called Web-Of-Trust that mutually guarantees access to secure storage.

Tenzorum Project is committed to the self sovereignty of key management systems. To achieve this, protocols need to be developed, integrated and be bridged through APIs to general third party decentralized products.

ICO Details

Hard cap: 6,750,000 USD


ICO Platform: Ethereum

Token info

Ticker: TENZ
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 TENZ= 0.023 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH

Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO Roadmap

2018 [Q3 - Q4]

• Expand the core team and focus on Product, Protocols and Community Verticals. • Develop initial strategic partnerships with Exchanges and Dapps and projects. • Proof of Concept V1.0 – Recovery mechanism and secret sharing.
• Fundraising and public Initial Coin Offer.
• Tenzorum Suit initial product releases - Ethereum compatible.

2019 [Q1 – Q2]

• Protocol Fundamental Tasks Development.
• Protocol Architecture Research and Development.
• Tenzorum Suit Releases - Initial Protocol Integrations: Recovery, Storage,
• Design and Experiments for Liberation - Tenzorum Service Node Network.

2019 [Q3 – Q4]

• Experiment Analysis with first group of partners and early adopters.
• Initiate integration studies with high frequency use Dapps – Production

Project team

Co-founder in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 1
Moritz Neto 莫里茨
Co-founder in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 2
Daniel Bar 丹尼尔
Blockchain Architect in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 3
Regio Michelin
Blockchain Architect
Global Crypto Partnerships in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 4
Sonic Zhang
Global Crypto Partnerships
Blockchain Engineer in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 5
Radek Ostrowski
Blockchain Engineer
Full Stack Developer in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 6
Mark Pereira
Full Stack Developer
Community Manager in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 7
Tom Terado 汤姆
Community Manager
Crypto Community Partnerships in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 8
Mel Ran 冉玥
Crypto Community Partnerships
Strategy and Communications in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 9
Max Parasol
Strategy and Communications
China Community Manager in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 10
Sen Wang
China Community Manager
Blockchain Architect in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 11
Regio Michelin
Blockchain Architect


Former President of NEM Foundation, President at ProximaX in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 12
Lon Wong
Former President of NEM Foundation, President at ProximaX
Advisor at Web3 Foundation. Founder at Akropolis.io in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 13
Anastasia O. Andrianova
Advisor at Web3 Foundation. Founder at Akropolis.io
Cyber Security Advisor in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 14
Yan Michalevsky
Cyber Security Advisor
CEO at Olympus Labs in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 15
Kai Chen
CEO at Olympus Labs
Social Technology Advisor in Tenzorum (TENZ) ICO - 16
Aelita Skarazauskiene
Social Technology Advisor

Social media

Web-site Medium Telegram btctalk LinkedIn Twitter Facebook github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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