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The Divi Project is a cryptocurrency “Smart Wallet” connected blockchain and tiered masternode system.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking

Technical details

The Divi Project is a decentralized Proof Of Stake (POS) and masternode protocol/cryptocurrency and ecosystem. The Divi Project’s ICO tokens are ERC20 compliant derivatives of the Ethereum blockchain, and will be tradable immediately upon purchase, with ticker DIVX.

What is The Divi Project

Smart Wallet Technology Adoption and Community Next Gen Masternode System New Ways to Transact and Manage Money Usability Education


Public sales: Oct 25, 2017 - Nov 21, 2017
Raised: 2,592,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: DIVX
Token price in USD: 1 DIVX = 0.62 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
Use of Founds: 35% - Front End - Wallet, Dapps, Plug-Ins 15% - Blockchain Development 35% - Community, Adoption, Education Projects, Marketing 10% - Operation and Services 3% - Cyber Security, Bounties, etc 2% - Legal

The Divi Project Roadmap

2017 - Q3

Team Building
Token Sale Planning
Marketing, Outreach to Journalists

2017 - Q4

Divi Crowdsale
Smart Wallet UX Design
Work on Divi Blockchain Begins
Names / DNS System Included
MOCCI - Masternode One Click Cloud Install
Lottery Blocks

2018 Q1

Divi Blockchain Built & Testing
Smart Wallet Design & Testing
New 5 Tiered Masternode System Testing
Advanced Governance System
Ambassador Program Begins
Outreach to Media / Influencers Begins
Merchant Sign-Ups Begin

2018 - Q2

Exchange DIVX Tokens for DIVI
Release of Blockchain and Genesis Block
Educational Videos
Increased Outreach to Media
Demo Videos with Top Influencers / Celebs Begins
Merchant Sign-Ups

2018 - Q3

Add Divi Debit Card
Improvements to Masternode UX (Map)
Wallet Upgrade - New Social Features
Wallet Upgrade - Improved Security Features
Massive Outreach to Media / Influencers
Trade Shows for Online Merchants
First Release of Plugins for Merchants
Outreach to more exchanges to list DIVI

2018 - Q4

Divi Marketplace added
Wallet Upgrade - New Transaction Types
Wallet Upgrade - Instant Exchange Added
More Plugins for Merchants

2019 - Q1

Marketplace Expanded
Wallet Upgrade - New Money Management Features
Wallet Upgrade - Improved Governance UX

Project team

Geoff McCabe
Geoff McCabe
Geoff McCabe linkedin
Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders
Tim Sanders linkedin
Nick Saponaro
Nick Saponaro
Nick Saponaro linkedin
Phil Eggen
Phil Eggen
Phil Eggen linkedin
Michael Greenwood
Michael Greenwood
Michael Greenwood linkedin
Zafar Mohammed
Zafar Mohammed
Zafar Mohammed linkedin
Kalani Mo’e
Kalani Mo’e
Kalani Mo’e linkedin
Yasmin Tobón
Yasmin Tobón
Yasmin Tobón linkedin
Ramez Naam
Ramez Naam
Ramez Naam linkedin
Toni Lane Casserly
Toni Lane Casserly
Toni Lane Casserly linkedin
Heidi Krupp
Heidi Krupp
Heidi Krupp linkedin


Nils Lahr
Nils Lahr
Nils Lahr linkedin

Social media

The Divi Project web-siteThe Divi Project RedditThe Divi Project MediumThe Divi ProjectYouTubeThe Divi Project TelegramThe Divi Project BTCTalkThe Divi Project TwitterThe Divi Project FacebookThe Divi Project Github

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