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TradeTEX (TDX), a commission-free exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the TDX token.

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Project industryExchanges & Wallets
Product typePlatform

What is Tradetex

TradeTEX is a blockchain-based commission-free cryptocurrency exchange. The solution will employ a native TDX token. Traders will speculate on the price of altcoins against USD. $1 will be equal to 1 TDX token. All losses and profits will be denominated in TDX. To get access to the platform’s trading services, the users will have to own a minimum amount of TDX. TradeTEX will offer 50+ coins that can be traded with TDX. Users can choose between margin and long-term trading. Withdrawals will be made in ETH, BTC and TDX.


Public sales: Aug 03, 2018 - Nov 24, 2018
Token supply: 15,000,000 TDX

Token info

Ticker: TDX
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 TDX = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Phase 1 TDX@ 0.50USD from 3rd Aug - 1st Sept 2018
Phase 2 TDX@ 0.75USD from 9th Sept - 8th Oct 2018
Phase 3 TDX@ 1.00USD from 16th Oct - 24th Nov 2018
Token distribution:
42.86% - Token Sale
37.12% - Trading & Referral Coins
20.02% - Management Holdings
Funds allocation:
50% - Deelopment and Maintenance
15% - Company Reserve
20% - Marketing, Legal and Admin
15% - Operations

Tradetex Roadmap

Q1-Q2 2017

- Team Hiring;
- Feasibility Studies to help teams connect to exchange information on a PoS network;
- Website & wallet development;
- Whitepaper preparation;
- Tradetex platform testing and execution on the PoS System.

Q2-Q3 2017

- Launch of Tradetex Exchange on Beta Version;
- Wallets launch on Beta Version;
- Development of interface for IOS and Android App;
- Smart contract development;
- Development of Security setups.

Q1-Q2 2018

- Technical and legal fulfillment of the project;
- TradeTex Exchange launch with full functionality;
- Staking Wallet go live with fully functionality;
- Profit Wallet go live with fully functionality;
?- Trading Wallet go live with fully functionality;
- TDX tokens deployment on Ethereum blockchain.

Q3 2018

- First 15 days we are having Pre-Sale of TDX Where 1TDX =0.75USD
- Phase 1 TDX@ 0.75USD from 3rd Aug - 1st Sept 2018
- Phase 2 TDX@ 0.75USD from 9th Sept - 8th Oct 2018
- Phase 3 TDX@ 1.00USD from 16th Oct - 24th Nov 2018
- Marketing push & technical support;
- Bounty system & advertising;
- Available IOS, Android App version;
- Withdrawal is available.

Q4 2018

- TDX coin listing on Tradetex Exchange on 5th Dec 2018;
- Establish first Crypto-Mine farm @ CHICAGO;
- Antminer S9 and S7 use;
- TDX share holders can take part in mining;
- Mining Wallets are operational;
- ?Upgradation in TradeTex Exchange;
- Start of acceptance of payments by Visa , Master Card, Bank Wire.

Q1 2019

- TDX coin worldwide exchange Listing;
- Seminars by Tradetex team;
- Global partnership establishment;
- 1st dividend distribution to TDX holders;
- Commencement of work on tradetex Public Blockchain;
- Commencement of work on Decentralized Tradetex exchange;
- Commencement of work on TDX crypto metal debit/Credit Cards.

Q1-Q2 2019

- Launch of Public Block chain on Beta version;
- Launch of Tradetex Decentralized Exchange on Beta version;
- Launch of TDX Crypto cards for online payments and transactions;
- Tradetex make it possible to use TDX coin to pay for in-store purchases, online shopping, and international cash withdrawal;
- Worldwide meetups arranged by Tradetex team around new technologies;
- Best security measures adoption to avoid scams on decentralized exchange;
- 2nd and 3rd dividends distribution among TDX holders.

Q2-Q3 2019

- TradeTex launches a public Blockchain;
- Tradetex decentralized exchange launch;
- Any coin can be listed on Tradetex exchange by anybody;
- TDX coin holders can use all services given by Tradetex exchange without any fee;
- ?4th and 5th dividends distribution among TDX holders.


- More Mining Farms establishment with new technology;
- Upgradation in mining technologies;
- Regular dividends distribution;
- Target markets in Asia, Europe, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Russia etc.;
- More new and secure technologies will be introduced for block chain and exchange.

Project team

Stephaney Tylor
Stephaney Tylor
Head of Marketing, PR and Business Development
Robb Williams
Robb Williams
Co-Founder and CEO at
Robb Williams linkedin
David Forrer
David Forrer
Chief Technical Officer & Block Chain Developer

Social media

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User rating:

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