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ViValid is service designed to serve as a conduit between individuals seeking information about the potential value of items in hand and experts in corresponding fields.

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typePlatform
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What is ViValid

ViValid is a smart-contract-based service for collector communities. Computers process the code logic, therefore there's no need to trust third parties or ensure that terms of the agreement are being followed. Moreover, it is impossible to change data after the network's confirmation, as the asset data remain in the blockchain, creating its history.

Smart contracts will be executed as designed in ViValid for every participant of the transaction.

Every contract is traceable and can be reviewed at any time.

Once an asset is listed in ViValid’s service, ownership is immutable and cannot be altered or counterfeited. Consumers can verify whether the product listed on the blockchain is authentic or includes attributes such as ownership and assessment history.


Pre-sales: May 21, 2018 - Jul 17, 2018
Public sales: Jul 18, 2018 - Dec 31, 2018
Token supply: 140000000
Soft cap: 4,100,000 USD
Hard cap: 28,750,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Estonia
Office address: Harju maakond, Tallinn, Mustamäe linnaosa, Teaduspargi tn 8, 12618, Estonia

Token info

Ticker: ViV
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in ETH: 1 Token = 0.000560 ETH
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
Week 1 - 15%
Week 2 - 10%
Week 3 - 5%
Token distribution:
70% - Token Sale
15% - Future ViValid needs
10% - Team Tokens
5% - Operation Pool
Funds allocation:
25% - Development
15% - Maintenance
60% - Marketing and Expansion

ViValid Roadmap

Q3 2017 - Q2 2018

Alpha version of the mobile app
Preliminary design of PoV protocol.
Token sale.

Q3 2018

ViV live on exchanges.
Early stage of development of PoV.
Functional and technical architecture.
Design of architecture with core components.
Design roll-out strategy for service implementation.
Recruitment for project needs.

Q4 2018

Team Expansion by hiring engineers and support team.
Ongoing development and design of IOS, Android and web application (Alpha).
Proof of Validation Protocol – first stage of development.

Q1 2019 - Q4 2019

Proof of Validation Protocol – second stage of development.
Ongoing development and design of IOS, Android and web application (Beta).

Q1 2020 - Q3 2020

Proof of Validation Protocol – final stage of development.
Ongoing development and design of IOS, Android and web application (Beta released to the public).
Marketing strategy.

Q4 2020 - Q2 2021

Community engagement and workshops.
Official release of the service.

Project team

Emilian Semczak
Emilian Semczak
CEO, Founder, Australia
Emilian Semczak linkedin
Sebastian Zerniak
Sebastian Zerniak
COO, Founder, Australia
Sebastian Zerniak linkedin
Daniel Zaczyk
Daniel Zaczyk
CFO, Founder, Poland
Daniel Zaczyk linkedin
Adam Komorowski
Adam Komorowski
Technical Team Manager, Poland
Adam Komorowski linkedin
Igor Solodovnik
Igor Solodovnik
Head of Legal, Poland
Igor Solodovnik linkedin
Marius Kunigas
Marius Kunigas
Legal Consultant, Estonia
Marius Kunigas linkedin
Adam Machnicki
Adam Machnicki
Tech Lead, USA
Adam Machnicki linkedin
Piotr Chacinski
Piotr Chacinski
Project Manager, Poland
Piotr Chacinski linkedin
Fares Antionio Akel
Fares Antionio Akel
Smart Contract Developer, Venezuela
Fares Antionio Akel linkedin
Wojciech Skowronski
Wojciech Skowronski
Project Consultant, Poland
Wojciech Skowronski linkedin
Damian Panecki
Damian Panecki
Project Consultant, Poland
Damian Panecki linkedin
Henrik Kromann
Henrik Kromann
Collectors Community Liaison, Denmark
Henrik Kromann linkedin
Michal Susek
Michal Susek
Head of Sales and Marketing
Michal Susek linkedin


Naviin Kapoor
Naviin Kapoor
Advisor, Blockchain Expert
Naviin Kapoor linkedin

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