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.bit an open-sourced decentralized identity protocol built on the blockchain, is committed to providing permissionless and irrevocable decentralized identity for individual users and DAOs, establishing the awareness of identity sovereignty around the world.

Seed Round: $13M

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What is .bit

.bit is a blockchain-based, open source, decentralized cross-chain account system that provides a worldwide unique naming system with a .bit suffix that can be used in different scenarios, such as cryptocurrency transfer, domain name resolution, identity authentication, etc.

.bit is the first decentralized account system with broad compatibility, allowing users to register and manage their .bit accounts with any public chain address or even email.

The core elements of a .bit account contain the owner/manager, and the record (i.e. the data associated with). Unlike ENS, the owner/manager of .bit can be any public chain private key or even email; unlike DNS, .bit supports any type of record.


Raised: 13,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2020

.bit Roadmap

Q2 2021
  • Public beta testing.
Q3 2021
  • .bit was launched officially.
  • Released registrable accounts to 35%.
  • Integration with Huobi Wallet, MIBAO, TokenPocket.
  • Integration with Ethereum and Tron.
  • bit.cc was launched.
  • OK.bit was auctioned on Binance NFT platform.
Q4 2021
  • 50,000+ registered accounts.
  • Integration with imToken, AlphaWallet, HyperPay, NFTGo, NFTSCAN, Bitkeep, Math Wallet.
  • Integration with BNB Chain and Polygon.
  • bestdas.com was launched.
  • .bit alias was launched.
Q1 2022
  • Integration with Jike.
  • Brand upgrading.
Phase 5
  • Open world
  • More gameplay
Q2-Q4 2022
  • Multi-chain:.bit will integrate with more popular public chains, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Polkdot and Solana.
  • Multi-language:.bit will support registration in any language.
  • .bit alias: Users can assign one .bit alias for each popular public chain contract address or ordinary address. This will effectively enhance the security in Web3.
  • SubDIDs: A .bit account is able to create countless SubDIDs at a low cost. The decentralized and low-cost SubDIDs will serve as an efficient management tool for DAO.
  • NameDAO:We believe the future model of human organization is DAO. We make the bold experiment to expand imagination for DAO. We gather all passionate and talented people to build DAO.The future of DAO is in your hand!
  • Newly-designed .bit data management tool: Allow users to manage their data conveniently and efficiently. Also, developers can have write access to .bit if authorized by users.
  • Establish a system of registrars with global coverage.
  • Release more accounts for registration. Release previously reserved accounts.

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