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TNA is a naming protocol for Bitcoin aimed at enhancing its usability and expanding its range of assets and functionalities. Compatible with various assets, TNA seamlessly integrates with all Bitcoin layer 2 solutions. It employs its DA framework, the TNA Core, to enhance the mainnet’s capability in handling cross-chain interactions and enhancing network interoperability.

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What is TNA Protocol

TNA names are designed to support multiple asset types and operate omni-chain, ensuring a smooth and integrated experience for users navigating across different blockchain ecosystems.

The primary architectural feature of TNA is the integration of asset mapping relationships into the Sparse-Merkle Tree (SMT) structure of TAP. This structure is utilized by TNA to offer a decentralized naming service within the Bitcoin ecosystem, achieved by incorporating name-address associations into SMTs. Further, TNA supports multiple asset types, and employs its Bitcoin data availability framework, TNA Core, to ensure seamless interoperability of its names.

$BN, or Bitcoin Names, is our governance token that plays a pivotal role in the decentralized management and strategic direction of our ecosystem. This token facilitates active participation from our community in key decision-making processes, including protocol upgrades and feature enhancements. $BN is crucial for ensuring that TNA remains adaptive and responsive to the needs of the Bitcoin network at large.


Blockchain Platform: Bitcoin
Registration year: 2024

Token info

Ticker: BN
Type: Utility-token

TNA Protocol Roadmap

May 2024
  • Bitlayer deployment
  • Runes integration
  • Token scan & whitelist function
  • Deployment of name resolver contract on Layer 2's
  • Launch of cross-chain asset resolution
Jun 2024
  • TNA Core v1 release - data inscription and node consensus
  • Wallet integration
  • Multi-asset support of BRC20 and RGB
  • Name marketplace
Jan 2024
  • Fair launch on NostrAssets
  • TNA's first Tapname auction
Feb 2024
  • TNA's first Tapname fair mint
  • Developer API for name resolution
  • Tapname transfer
Mar 2024
  • Subname issuance function
  • Merlin deployment
Apr 2024
  • Name registration & management portal
  • BEVM deployment
  • TNA Core DA yellowpaper release
  • B^2 deployment
  • $BN token launch
To be Discussed: Initiatives and features that are in the conceptual stage, requiring further community discussion to outline a detailed plan
  • DNS system integration
  • Offchain resolution
  • DID & social app development
  • $BN airdrop program

Social media

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