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Atticc (ATTICC) is a Web3 social app empowering online communities with NFTs. Key features include NFT launching and minting, NFT based communities, P2P NFT trading, AI moderator, data analytics dashboard, wallet-to-wallet and end-to-end encrypted chat, all done with your decentralised identity.

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typeApp
WhitepaperAtticc White Paper Open

What is Atticc

Atticc is a decentralised social media where decentralised identities meet, build communities, conduct commerce and write their Web3 stories.

Built with cutting-edge technologies such as smart contract protocols, soulbound tokens, digital asset marketplace and advanced analytics with machine learning, Atticc creates a uniquely Web3 social experience that returns the ownership of identity, data and monetisation to users themselves.

Atticc got its name from Attic Nights, an ancient Roman commonplace book preserving the stories of many authors who would otherwise be unknown today. Atticc aims to achieve something of similar significance by helping to create stories of the Web3 era.


Registration country: Australia
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: ATTICC

Atticc Roadmap

1 Jul 2022 - Born
  • Core team assembled and development started.
Q3 2022 - Hack
  • Won prizes from EthGlobal HackFS
  • Received a grant from Filecoin Foundation
  • Attended Token2049 in Singapore where one of us got COVID, again
  • The bearer the market, the harder we build
Oct 2022 - Test
  • Early Adopter Pass release
  • Expecting a lot of bug reports, and expecting to fix them all
Q4 2022 - Launch
  • Community toolkit e.g. NFT analytics dashboard, snapshot voting integration
  • Official product launch
Q1 2023 - Grow
  • A secret soulbound NFT
  • AI powered recommendations
  • Multi-chain support
  • iOS, Android apps
Q2 2023 - Monetise
  • Superpower NFTs with revenue sharing protocol
  • These are NFTs with special utilities that will help communities and individuals to monetise their content and the attention they attract
  • Completion of planned product features
Q3 2023 - Decentralise
  • Start to progressively decentralise
  • Release $Atticc token and governance model
  • Airdrop to Early Adopter NFT holders

Project team

Chelsea CHEN
Chelsea CHEN
Chelsea CHEN linkedin
Jason Kan
Jason Kan
Jason Kan linkedin
Chee Yeong Lim
Chee Yeong Lim
Software Engineer
Chee Yeong Lim linkedin
Joanna DENG
Joanna DENG
UX Designer
Joanna DENG linkedin
Leah Chang
Leah Chang
UI/UX Designer
Leah Chang linkedin

Social media

Atticc web-siteAtticcYouTubeAtticc TelegramAtticc LinkedInAtticc X (Twitter)Atticc Github

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