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GoDID is a marketplace aggregator for decentralized identities(DIDs) that currently serves ENS, Space ID and Bitcoin Ordinals DIDs.

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typeMarketplace
WhitepaperGoDID White Paper Open

What is GoDID

The All-in-one DID Marketplace Aggregator. It offers the most user-friendly and cost-effective ENS platform with diverse features, including the ENS module built using OpenSea’s Seaport contract. This module supports the full ENS lifecycle, encompassing search, registration, trading, and management.

GoDID enhances the ENS user experience with various tools and leaderboards, such as Bid by Category, Premium Sniper, and cross-market listings. A standout feature is its comprehensive categorization system, featuring 144 distinct categories, which greatly facilitates user inquiries and trading activities. This focus on variety and practicality positions GoDID as a versatile and valuable resource in the decentralized identity market.


IDO (Bounce Launchpad): Dec 15, 2023 - Dec 17, 2023
Token supply: 500,000,000 BDID


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Singapore
Registration year: 2022
Office address: One Raffles Quay, Level 26 South Tower, Singapore 048583, 048583, Singapore, Singapore SG

Token info

Ticker: BDID
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
40% - Auction Stake
20% - Auction Random Selection
20% - DAII Stake
10% - Liquidity
5% - Airdrop Mining
5% - Team

GoDID Roadmap

2023 Q4

Update of Ordinals DIDs Marketplace(v2.0) with multiple optimized functions like Categorizations, bulk Reg & Transaction; IDO & Token Airdrop

2024 Q1

Development of DID management system & DID airdrop management tools, and etc

2024 Q2

Development of multi-protocol DIDs management system on BTC L2, E.G. realm, etc

2024 Q3

Cross-chain of DIDs, cross-protocol resolution and multi-ecological Dapps compatibility

2024 Q4

R&D of DID’s underlying protocols


Interoperability and application of all major chains

Social media

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