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Aid:Tech develops the infrastructure to build secure digital wallets that manage decentralised digital IDs for accessing and managing cross-border payments, insurance credentials and government assistance.

Series A Round: $3.5M

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typePlatform

What is Aid Tech

In AID:Tech, we have been building the innovative Volunteer & Earn platform. You can build your on-chain reputation and earn rewards for your social efforts. We enable people and organisations to capture the value of their time, efforts, energy, and contributions to society. We currently have three products:

  • First one is Kaulana, the main Volunteer & Earn platform. This is a decentralized reputation & rewards-based system to facilitate Proof of Volunteering via Proof of Reputation Protocol (PoR) which will be multi-chain including Cardano.
  • Valise is a wallet built on the Algorand blockchain and we received a grant from the Algorand foundation to build it.
  • Our Kokua platform provides disbursements for Disaster Relief using AID:Tech’s TransparencyEngine Technology, which enables Fast & Instant Disbursements to Survivors Via Digital ID & Blockchain. In summary, our platforms will be multichain, including Algorand and Cardano.


Raised: 4,800,000 USD


Registration country: Ireland
Registration year: 2014
Office address: 26 Upper Pembroke Street, Dublin City, County Dublin D02, IE

Token info

Ticker: VAI
Type: Utility-token

Project team

Joseph Thompson
Joseph Thompson
CEO | Co-Founder
Joseph Thompson linkedin
Niall Dennehy
Niall Dennehy
COO | Co-Founder
Niall Dennehy linkedin
Ben Cessa
Ben Cessa
Ben Cessa linkedin
Shane Mulligan
Shane Mulligan
Director of Solution Architecture
Conor Cooke
Conor Cooke
Operations Manager
Daniel Sabal
Daniel Sabal
Product Designer
Geri Zeqiri
Geri Zeqiri
Software Engineer
Geri Zeqiri linkedin
André Manning
André Manning
Technical Projects Manager
André Manning linkedin
Anxhi Subashi
Anxhi Subashi
UI/UX Designer
Anxhi Subashi linkedin

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