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zkPass is a decentralized KYC solution based on MPC (Multi-Party Computation) and ZKP (Zero-Knowledge Proof), which aims to overcome the various flaws in the current KYC system, eliminate the pain points related to identity authentication, and protect user privacy while expanding KYC capabilities.

Binance Labs Incubation Program. Details

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Project industryIdentity & Reputation
Product typeTechnology
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What is zkPass

Key Features:

  • Generality: Individual users can generate and reuse their identity multiple times, and their information will not leak to any third party throughout the multi-party interaction.
  • Customization: Enterprise users can select and configure KYC templates on demand to meet KYC needs in different dimensions, while the verifying party knows nothing about the data.
  • Privacy-preserving: Strong data privacy-preserving is achieved through MPC (interaction session) and ZKP (proof session), while the parties to the agreement do not know the data.
  • Compatibility: zkPass Protocol is backward compatible and widely adapted to the current data source protocol, while the data source does not know the data destination.
  • Decentralization: The zkPass Protocol is completely decentralized as there is no centralized service to store sensitive user data.

zkPass’ Solutions:

  • zkPass Protocol
  • zkPass Kit
  • Smart Contract

Based on zkPass, we can establish a one-person-one-account system in a privacy-protected and non-authoritative way, build a reputation system without relying on authoritative credit scoring, and even extend the concept of KYC further forward, and create new business formats such as KYB (know your business) and KYD (know your device). As an essential infrastructure for Web3.0, zkPass can better promote the digital economy, build socially oriented, secure and convenient distributed digital identity systems, solve the security, privacy, interoperability, and ownership problems of existing online digital identities, create new blockchain application scenarios, and further promote the flourishing development of Web3.


Registration year: 2022

Token info

Token distribution:
Initial Investors - 28%
Early Incentive - 25%
Liquidity Pool - 15%
Team Members & Advisors - 10%
Community Reserve Fund - 10%
zkPass Foundation - 12%

zkPass Roadmap

2022 Q1-Q2
  • Technical Architecture Design.
  • Set Up Dev Team and Dev Plan.
  • Initial Marketing Promotion.
2022 Q3-Q4
  • Build a Protocol Prototype for Multiple-parties Participating in the zkPass Product.
  • Generate HMAC Key and Sign Message using 2PC.
  • Developer Hackathons.
  • Advanced Go-to-Market Strategies.
  • Early Access to The Community.
  • Seed Round Fundraising.
2023 Q1-Q2
  • Building a Three-party TLS protocol.
  • Building Zero-knowledge Proofs and Verifications.
  • Extend 2PC to MPC and Add MPC Node.
  • Global Partnership Development.
  • Testnet NFTs Distribution campaign.
  • Testnet Launch.
2023 Q3-Q4
  • Enhance the zkPass Decentralized Network.
  • zkPass Protocol Mainnet Launch.
  • zkPass v1 Launch.

Project team

Bing Jiang
Bing Jiang
Chief Executive Officer
Bing Jiang linkedin
Dr. Joshua Peng
Dr. Joshua Peng
Strategic design and architecture
Annie Muser
Annie Muser
Market analysis, tokenomic design, financing, and business relationship maintenance
Ethan Miu
Ethan Miu
Yaling (Summer) L.
Yaling (Summer) L.
Business Development Specialist
Yaling (Summer) L. linkedin


Dr. Sherry Xu
Dr. Sherry Xu

Social media

zkPass web-sitezkPass MediumzkPass LinkedInzkPass X (Twitter)zkPass DiscordzkPass Github

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