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Vuulr is a global blockchain-based film and TV content platform.

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Project industry Media
Product type Platform
Founded Singapore

What is Vuulr

Using the Ethereum blockchain, Vuulr plans to build a suite of Dapps, that create a tokenized ecosystem consisting of a supply chain solution and an exchange for the trading of content rights for broadcast content and sponsorship.

The Vuulr solution will allows users to:

  • Issue & manage unique IDs for digital media assets e.g. Films & TV Shows;
  • Trade and access metadata for broadcast titles;
  • Transact avails and negotiate content rights;
  • Generate an immutable record of content ownership.

The Vuulr ERC20 Token will power transactions in the Vuulr Marketplace and Vuulr Foundation Supply Chain Solution. Transactions denominated in Vuulr Tokens could include:

  • Registering titles for unique IDs;
  • Transactions between publishers and consumers of metadata;
  • Incentives for content creation and deal making;
  • Brand sponsorship of finished content.


Public sales: May 09, 2018 - Jun 30, 2018
Token supply: 350000000
Hard cap: 18,500,000USD


Registration country: Singapore

Token info

Ticker: VUU
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.060000 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Token distribution:
35% - Token Sale
30% - Reserved for Future Use
10% - Driving Platform Adoption
15% - Founders and Staff
5% - Advisors
5% - Contingency and Other
Funds allocation:
14% - Management, F&A and Professional Services
24% - Product and Engineering
24% - Launch, Content and User Acquisition
23% - Global Offices
15% - Tax, Contingencies, Compliance and Other

Vuulr Roadmap

Q1 2018

Marketplace Prototype Launch .

Q2 2018

Marketplace MVP Launch: End to End Journeys .MetaData Refinery R&D.CISP R&D.Catalogue Management Tools.MetaData Refinery Launch.CISP MVP: Smart Contract
dApp/Public Chain Infra.

Q3 2018

Marketplace Supply Chain Enhancements – Built to Leverage CISP.Vuulr Rewards Program: Earning Points.Core MDDF Framework

Q4 2018

Vuulr Rewards Program: Rewards Pool Distribution.Title, People and Organization
Identity Management.Business Relationship, Title
Bundling, Reporting.Self Service Tools.CISP Scaling Improvements.

H1 2019

Private Branded Marketplaces.Libraries and SDKs for 3rd Party Integration & Extensibility.Data Access and Analytics.Marketplace Discovery
AI/ML Intelligence.Enhancements of CISP
Blockchain Infrastructure.

H2 2019

Payment /Escrow Services.Extension of MDDF Framework Components


Digital Asset Management, Transcoding and Delivery.dApp/Smart Contract-Enabled
Rights Transactions.

Project team

Ian Mckee
Ian Mckee
Founder & CEO
Ian Mckee linkedin
Ben Heyhoe Flint
Ben Heyhoe Flint
Co-Founder & COO
Ben Heyhoe Flint linkedin
Chris Drumgoole
Chris Drumgoole
Co-Founder & CTO
Chris Drumgoole twitter
Liam McCance
Liam McCance
Chief Marketing Officer
Liam McCance linkedin
Belinda Ang
Belinda Ang
Belinda Ang linkedin
David Holloway
David Holloway
Business Affairs
David Holloway linkedin
Florian Jungbauer
Florian Jungbauer
Head of APAC (North)
Florian Jungbauer linkedin
Dominic Kok
Dominic Kok
Marketplace Platform Head
Dominic Kok linkedin
Kasun Karunathilake
Kasun Karunathilake
Technical Lead
Kasun Karunathilake linkedin
Malitta Nanayakkara
Malitta Nanayakkara
Technical Lead
Malitta Nanayakkara linkedin
Tanu Sikka
Tanu Sikka
Software Engineer
Tanu Sikka linkedin
Dileepa Balasuriya
Dileepa Balasuriya
Software Engineer
Dileepa Balasuriya linkedin


Iris Wee
Iris Wee
Advisor - Broadcast Media Industry Expert
Iris Wee linkedin
Vinod Nair
Vinod Nair
Advisor - Global Advisory Telco and Media Specialist
Vinod Nair linkedin
Rob Gilby
Rob Gilby
Investor and Advisor - Broadcast Media Industry Expert, Former Managing Director - Disney SEA
Rob Gilby linkedin
Andras Kristof
Andras Kristof
Advisor - Blockchain Architect, ICO Advisor, CTO - Yojee
Andras Kristof linkedin
Jonathan Wong
Jonathan Wong
Advisor - OTT / Broadcast Media Industry Expert
Jonathan Wong linkedin
Kshitij Jhunjhunwala
Kshitij Jhunjhunwala
Advisor - Machine Learning & Data Sciences

Social media

Vuulr web-site Vuulr Reddit Vuulr Medium Vuulr Telegram Vuulr LinkedIn Vuulr Twitter Vuulr Facebook Vuulr Github

User rating:

5/5 ( 4 )

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One Response

  • CryptoShaman May 31, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    About Vuulr

    Vuulr, the global film and TV show marketplace and, the most anticipated Film and TV ICO of 2018. We’re building the world’s largest online platform, where movies and TV shows are traded via Blockchain technology so broadcasters can buy better content for you to watch.

    With blockchain disrupting the content business, Vuulr’s key advantage lies in tapping into a global community of Film & Tv Show fans, to crowdsource Metadata – the information we look at on screen when deciding what to watch. Efficiently creating and improving the metadata, through your contribution of movie knowledge.

    But the best part of all? We’re rewarding you for it. All you need to do is contribute your knowledge and you’ll earn rewards points which entitles you to VUU tokens in the Vuulr Rewards Program.

    What’s more? The Vuulr tokens you buy at the ICO can be parked, automatically giving you a multiplier which increases your entitlement to the Rewards Program Tokens.

    Join the Vuulr ICO now by registering via Qryptos and let’s monetise your movie knowledge.


    My name is Jernej Razen, and I’m based out of Hollywood, California.

    I’m responsible for company outreach to Hollywood producers, studios and content providers such as Paramount, Universal and Lionsgate. Though we’re in early conversations, enthusiasm for the Vuulr product and vision has been immense. We look forward to working with these companies and many others, as we revolutionize the content distribution marketplace.

    © Jernej Razen – Head of Americas, Vuulr

    Hi I’m Chris Riley.

    I’m currently the Group Chairman for Ogilvy & Mather in Singapore, and a private capacity, I’m also a seed investor for the Vuulr business.

    Vuulr really caught my eye because professionally i’ve been involved in content for a number of years, and also recognise the need and opportunity for disruption that industry really has. It’s a vast industry with great value, and great opportunity to be disrupted. And I’m also seed investor because, with Ian, Chris, Ben and others, I see very significant experience and a very compelling market place proposition.

    © Vuulr Investor – Chris Riley, Group Chairman, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore

    Hi, I’m Robert Gilby.

    First, a little bit about my background. Over the last 25 years of working, I’ve spent more than 20 years in the media industry. Firstly at PricewaterhouseCoopers, as a strategy and financial advisor for companies.

    Secondly, at Turner Broadcasting, where I had a strategy and business development role. and after that, a head of marketing and network development role where I set up production for kids channels in India.

    Lastly, I spent the last 12 years at The Walt Disney Company in a variety of roles. I ran television channels for many European markets, including the UK, I then ran distribution of all of their content and channels across the Asia-Pacific region, and lastly, I ran all of Disney’s businesses in Southeast Asia. including film, television, consumer products, games and interactive businesses.

    I have decided to become an investor in Vuulr and a supporter and advisor of Vuulr as they shape their strategy and vision. and the reason I’ve done that is because I’m very excited by the opportunity it provides.

    Over those many years spent in the media industry both in Asia-Pacific and in Europe, I’ve recognised that there is huge potential of taking amazing content, and distributing it through a number of different platforms or ways. Broadcasters; both Terrestrial and Pay-TV broadcasters, Pay-TV platforms like cable and satellite, and IPTV, and also the newer platforms like the over-the-top streaming services, where the global players like Amazon and Netflix, or local players like I-Flix, HOOQ and Viu. And directly to all my platforms as well, and the emerging social media platforms.

    So there are a huge pool of buyers, and a huge pool of providers of content. Some have very large portfolios of content, some have small portfolios of content. But they’re all looking for a way to be able to connect with each other, and undergo a transaction. And that can be quite hard because it is a large, large world. And there are many different ways to connect with each other.

    So there are industry events, the people get together both in Europe and in Asia, and there are direct relationships, and negotiations that take place one-on-one across many markets. But one thing is common across the buyers, and the suppliers. They’re looking for easier ways, and more cost-effective ways, to connect with each other.

    And that’s where Vuulr comes in It employs technologies which make that process easier. Make it easier for a buyer to be able to discover new content, they make it easier for suppliers to be able to reach those buyers, and they use some of the newer technologies such as blockchain to faciliate the steps in the process.

    Anything that makes the steps shorter and easier, saves money for both the distributors and the buyers, but also, it shortens the process, enabling more time to be spent on connecting buyers and suppliers around the highest quality of content and the best stories.

    © Vuulr Investor – Robert Gilby (Former Managing Director, Walt Disney SEA)

    Hello I’m Richard Bleasdale.

    I’m the Managing Partner for Asia Pacific for the Observatory International which is a marketing management consultancy business.

    When Ian and Chris and Ben approached me about the Vuulr concept and the potential for the business, I was very excited to get involved as a seed investor. Not only are they a fantastic management team, with a great track record, they have come across a business opportunity which I think is really huge.

    The Film & TV content industry which is obviously a huge business globally, is very much ripe for disruption and particularly as I look at it in terms of opportunities for brands and marketers, to get involved in that industry as their content needs are growing substantially and quickly. To get involved quickly, efficiently and at a much lower cost than has been traditionally available to them.

    So I’m very happy to be a seed investor in the business, a great opportunity and I look forward to the progress.

    © Vuulr Investor – Richard Bleasdale Managing Partner, Asia Pacific at The Observatory International

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