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Winee3 is a SocialFi app that integrates professional networking with Web3 technologies. It provides a platform for global professionals to connect, share opportunities, and engage with events. The app includes AI-driven matchmaking, NFT-based event ticketing, and interactive community features.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typeApp
WhitepaperWinee3 White Paper Open
OnepagerWinee3 Onepager Open

What is Winee3

Winee3 Is A Blockchain-Powered Networking And Event Management Platform, Offering A Range Of Features Including AI Matchmaking, Event Ticketing, And Customizable Profiles.

Experience The Power Of Web3 Networking With Winee3. Join A Global Community, Effortlessly Connect, Turn Virtual Networking Into Real-Life Meetups, Access Top Web3 Opportunities, Discover Events With NFT Tickets, Earn Rewards, And Tailor Your Profile For A Personalized Experience.

Catalyzing Web3 Engagement: The Winee3 Token, Is Your Key To Unlock A World Of Utility Within The App. Convert It To Winee Points For In-App Perks And Rewards, Incentivizing Active Participation In The Web3 Community.


Token supply: 9,000,000,000 WNE


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: WNE
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 WNE = 0.0016 USD
Accepted currencies: USDT, USDC
Token distribution:
Seed & VC - 11,00%
Private - 2,00%
Community - 3,00%
Public - 4,00%
Marketing - 17,50%
Staking - 17,50%
Team & Advisors - 11,00%
Operational Liquidity - 30,00%
Treasury - 4,00%

Winee3 Roadmap

Phase 1
  • Conducts Market And Competitor Research
  • Initiates Project Planning
  • Releases A Draft Project Blueprint
  • Finalizes The Developer Team
  • Prepares Lists Of Potential Investors And Partners
  • Begins The Core App Development
  • Plans Crypto And NFT Infrastructure Integration
  • Engages With Legal Advisors For Regulatory Insights
  • Starts Backend And Service Development
  • Continues App Development
Phase 2
  • Whitepaper Concept Defined
  • Crafts Tokenomics And Drafts The Whitepaper
  • Starts Community Building With Pre-Marketing Activities
  • Continues Backend And Service Development
  • Continues App Development
  • IDO Preparation
  • Launches An Ambassador & Referral Program
  • Active Community Expansion
  • Community Growth
  • Significant Growth In User Base
Phase 3
  • Formed Strategic Partnerships
  • Private Investment Round
  • Seed Round Closed
  • MVP App Development For IOS & Android
  • Launchpads Secured
  • TGE Date Announced
  • Token Giveaway
  • IDO Successfully Rolled Out
  • Alpha Version Unveiled
  • TGE & DEX Listings
Phase 4
  • Public Beta Version Unveiled
  • Networking Beta Release
  • Event NFT Ticketing Beta Release
  • In-App Blockchain Features Release
  • Leaderboard Feature Release
  • Start The WineeDuo Staking
  • Announce Collaborations And Partnerships
  • Create Tutorial Content For App Navigation
  • Integrate Crypto Payment Gateways Into The App
  • Discuss Potential Listings With CEX Platforms
Phase 5
  • Launches The App To The Public
  • Corporate Account Function Release
  • Voice Group Chat Function Release
  • Video Group Chat Function Release
  • Book A Meeting Function Release
  • Education Function Release
  • Job Search & Finding Function Release
  • Winee3 Wallet Release
  • Release Of New Complete-To-Earn Missions
  • Aggressive KOLs And Marketing Campaigns

Social media

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