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W3space intends to build a combination of casual and official business environments for Web3.0 communities, including Web3.0 firms, Venture Capitalists, Indie Creators, Freelancers, Investors, and others, by offering Web3.0 decentralized social graphs, WorkFi Economics, and “Chain-less” experience.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform
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What is W3Space

W3space is a fully decentralized, customizable, Multiplayer-Co-creation, online Web3.0 Video Teleconferencing software platform that combines entertainment, sociability and business. Web3.0 firms, venture capitalists, developers, and content creators can use W3space for everyday tasks, connecting and establishing social networks, developing and implementing growth opportunities among other organizations, exchanging cutting-edge ideas, hiring individuals, forming a temporary project team, looking for investment, or carrying forward the whole progress of Co-Creation in Web3.0.

W3space Asset Management is creating the HeadQuarters in Metaverse, which is a unique virtual commercial space where users can truly own, build & construct, and enjoy hanging out in their own space, and engaging with their community. From the community, For the Community.

Owners of W3space units will be able to work, connect, socialize, collab with each other, and participate in a variety of entertaining activities within the W3work Metaverse.

W3space unit owners will also be able to participate in W3space governance through a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where they will be able to exercise voting rights on critical W3space future ecosystem decisions.

Authorized W3space developers can create digital assets (also known as Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs) and upload them to the marketplace.

W3Space Roadmap

  • Interior & Exterior architectural design in W3space (1st release)
  • Website release
  • Whitepaper release
  • W3space MVP development
Q1, 23


  • Implement a decentralized solution for meetings and P2P A/V chats
  • Launch W3space Beta Version (invite-only), including limited-entry Web3.0 business and employment-oriented online services

BD & Marketing

  • Collab with Web3.0 headhunters & recruiters and Web3.0 orgs
  • Host 2-3 events with Crypto communities
Q2-Q3, 23


  • Implant DID mechanism and working-experience proof to reshape Web3.0 recruitment paradigm
  • Upgrade A/V technical solution to support high concurrency
  • NFT Character Editor

BD & Marketing

  • Seed Round Investment
  • Collab with Web3.0 projects, and assist them in building their office
  • Collab with Web3.0 event caterers to optimize the remote experience
Q4, 23


  • Implant collaborative tools and platforms to facilitate remote working efficiency

BD & Marketing

  • Invite some start-ups and DAOs reside in W3space and make this their Web3.0 Headquarters
  • Invite indie creators and empower them with W3space implanted collaborative tools
Q4, 23 onwards

Product Launch

  • W3space NFT launch

Marketing & Operation

  • Release Tokenomics
  • Build W3space Decentralized Social Network
  • Collab with fashion brands, architectural designers, and art studios to optimize user experience in W3space
  • Explore and develop DAO-oriented business office scenarios and solutions
  • Build W3space Owners DAO, Residents DAO, Freelancers DAO, etc

Social media

W3Space web-siteW3SpaceYouTubeW3Space TwitterW3Space Github



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