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Viblos (VIBLO)

Ongoing IEO
Token sale: Oct 08, 2021 – Oct 26, 2021

The first democratic and free social network was created so that individuals and companies alike generate wealth using a token of value. Do business, find investors, create your NFTs, earn money by watching videos and add value to your content.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform

What is Viblos

Viblos is a tokenized mixed social network that supports social interactions and community creation based on democracy and freedom of expression. Of course, there are limits that should not be exceeded but Viblos will never demonetize or censor anyone for having a different opinion. That is unfortunately the path that most of the big platforms have decided to take.

Our platform not only combines concepts from the major social networks but has introduced a new business model and pioneering privacy policies in the social networking arena further reinforcing this with its Blockchain, which allows users to share and monetize their contents in a transparent, secure, and verifiable way. The engine of the Viblos ecosystem will be the Viblo token. Users can use these tokens, send and receive payments for their creative contents.

We are convinced that Viblos is going to show the way, not only in terms of a totally novel business model where the passive user can also make an economic profit but most importantly, in terms of privacy policies, which are not oriented to targetize and steal the user’s privacy.


IEO (P2PB2B Launchpad): Oct 08, 2021 - Oct 26, 2021
Token supply: 3,000,000,000 VIBLO
Total tokens for sale: 180,000,000 VIBLO

Token info

Ticker: VIBLO
Token price in USD: 1 VIBLO = 0.0009 USD
Token distribution:
Founders - 20%
Early contributors - 10%
Marketing and promotion - 5%
Advisors and team - 5%
Liquidity and staking rewards - 60%

Viblos Roadmap

Q3 – 2021


Project Kickoff



Q4 – 2021

MVP Dev Start v 1.0


Q1 – 2022

Closed Beta

Public Beta


Q2 – 2022

Go Live MVP

Open Registration

Q3 – 2022

Go Live 1.0

Q4 – 2022

Token Integration

Q1 – 2023

Release 1.5

Project team

Daniel Schabron
Daniel Schabron
Business Developer & Founder
Daniel Schabron linkedin
Carlos Pérez
Carlos Pérez
Founder and CEO of Viblos
Carlos Pérez linkedin
York Hovest
York Hovest
CEO of Heroes of the Sea
York Hovest linkedin
Daniel Bauer
Daniel Bauer
COO of Heroes of the Sea
Daniel Bauer linkedin
Saskia Hovest
Saskia Hovest
PR of Heroes of the Sea
Saskia Hovest linkedin
Martina Diezi
Martina Diezi
Public Relations
Martina Diezi linkedin
Letizia Bucher
Letizia Bucher
Media Manager
Letizia Bucher linkedin
Dominique Manfredi
Dominique Manfredi
Digital Business Development
Dominique Manfredi linkedin
Miguel A. Pérez
Miguel A. Pérez
Finance Expert Consultant
Miguel A. Pérez linkedin
Héctor Bonet
Héctor Bonet
Legal Expert
Héctor Bonet linkedin

Social media

Viblos web-siteViblos TelegramViblos LinkedInViblos TwitterViblos Github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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