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PLUR is the next-gen social networking built on web3. Based on the world’s first talk-to-earn model, PLUR is building to connect billions of people.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform

What is PLUR

Millions of people connect, learn and socialize daily on Twitter Space. PLUR is a talk-to-earn product built on web3 that aims to maximize revenue for content producers. All Talk NFT holders can claim future token airdrops.

With web3 sweeping the world, people need web3 native and friendly social networks. PLUR is committed to building an open marketplace based on relationships. Talk NFT allows holders to enter the PLUR community as early adopters. The earlier you enter, the bigger the bonus.

New-gen of social token $TALK is a new type of token that evaluates the social value of people. Evaluation The fair and multi-dimensional evaluation system so that excellent speakers get more rewards. Next-stage NFT You can synthesize the next stage of NFT with $TALK. Proof of Talk $TALK is your proof of express, talk, and influence in web3. Proof of Attendance In addition to $TALK, you will get proof of attendance, which can unlock additional priority benefits.


Blockchain Platform: Polygon

Token info

Ticker: TALK
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token distribution:
Treasury & Ecosystem - X%
Talk to Earn - X%
Team - X%
Private Sale & IXO - X%
Airdrop - X%
Advisor - X%

PLUR Roadmap

Phase 1
  • Close Seed round of funding
  • Free airdrop NFT to Twitter Space users
  • Launch official Discord community
  • Complete Genesis NFT launch
  • Release beta version of PLUR
Phase 2
  • Complete IEO/IDO financing
  • Airdrop to early users and holders
  • Release full version of PLUR
Phase 3
  • Open stage 2 of mint to scale NFT holders
  • Release iPhone and Android apps
  • Provide social tokens and diversified revenue for creators
Phase 4
  • Airdrop soulbound NFTs to a subset of users
  • Build a social network-based marketplace
  • Build the PLUR ecosystem to support web3 startups and creators

Social media

PLUR web-sitePLUR TwitterPLUR Discord

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