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YouRa application is an integrated E-wallet and payment system, with crypto currency and fiat currency support.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeApp
FoundedEstonia, 2016

What is YouRa

Using YouRa application, there is not need to spend time on bank transfers and pay commissions.

All payments will be instant and available in any currency.

We are pleased to present you our integrated E-wallet and payment system, with crypto currency and fiat currency (USD, EUR etc.) support.

Allows users to receive, send and exchange money, as well as to make different payments.


Pre-sales: May 01, 2018 - May 31, 2018
Token supply: 500000000
Soft cap: 3,726,630 USD
Hard cap: 18,633,200 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Registration country: Estonia
Registration year: 2016
Office address: Dzerbenes iela 27 LV-1006 Riga LATVIA


Bounty: 5%
Translation: 2%
Social media: 78%
Bitcoin talk signature campaign: 6 %
Other: 14

Token info

Ticker: YRC
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-223
Token price in USD: 1 Token = 0.040000 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, LTC, DASH, ETC, USD, EUR
Bonus program:
Week 1 25%
Week 2 10%
Week 3 5%
Token distribution:
10% - advisors and partners
5% - bounty campaign
10% - team
25% - YouFund
50% - ICO
Funds allocation:
12% - payments to initial investors
7% - legal, fees
10% - partners, team
28% - project development, licensing
43% - marketing and promotion

YouRa Roadmap


"Stars And Me" project launch - social 2008 network for celebrities and their fans.


Creation of own internal communication system for programmers and designers within team


Further development of own internal comunnication system, as a main stream of the project.


Project transition from Java programming language to the compiled, statically typed programming language Go. YouRa as spin-off from the YouBip project.


Creation of the Alpha version, testing, YouBip and YouRa Beta versions release.


Implementation of the ready-to-use YouRa corporate version
Corporate clients service
Decision to run ICO and integration of blockchain technologies
Preparation for ICO run, partnership in payments integration and blockchain related decisions, licensing


YouRaCoin crowdsale
Implementation of YouRa's declared April-May 2018 functions
YouRa final release
Product further delopment, openpening of new branches and data centers. Promotion campaign


YouBip global comunnication space official release
Release of own browser and search engine, including email service
Money-lending implementation between the YoupBip users
Development and introduction of perspective technologies into the platform - speech recognition and voice control of functionality, projection of information on the retina using special eyewear, introduction of artificial intelligence

Project team

Vasilij Ogromnov
Vasilij Ogromnov
Chief Consultant on Strategy and Development
Vasilij Ogromnov linkedin
Igor Podlesny
Igor Podlesny
Igor Podlesny linkedin
Vadim Pavlov
Vadim Pavlov
Vadim Pavlov linkedin
Igor Nemenonok
Igor Nemenonok
Chief Technical Officer, Lead iOS Developer
Igor Nemenonok linkedin
Igor Plusch
Igor Plusch
Chief Marketing Officer
Igor Plusch linkedin
Max Kokorin
Max Kokorin
Back-end developer
Max Kokorin linkedin
Guntis Šulcs
Guntis Šulcs
Lead Creative Developer
Vladislav Medvedev
Vladislav Medvedev
Software Test Engineer
Vladislav Medvedev linkedin
Constantine Chuprik
Constantine Chuprik
Back-end developer
Constantine Chuprik linkedin
Ivan Lemeshev
Ivan Lemeshev
Back-end developer
Ivan Lemeshev linkedin
Dmitry Dushinsky
Dmitry Dushinsky
Android Developer
Dmitry Dushinsky linkedin
Vasilij Leonidov
Vasilij Leonidov
Back-end developer
Yuri Semenov
Yuri Semenov
Back-end developer
Rihards Baumanis
Rihards Baumanis
iOS Developer
Rihards Baumanis linkedin
Tair Rzayev
Tair Rzayev
Android Developer
Tair Rzayev linkedin
Darja Barabash
Darja Barabash
Darja Barabash linkedin
Rolands Kalpins
Rolands Kalpins
Frontend developer
Rolands Kalpins linkedin

Social media

YouRa web-siteYouRaYouTubeYouRa TelegramYouRa BTCTalkYouRa TwitterYouRa Facebook

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