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Financial Piggy (FiPi)


FiPi is an automated savings app for cryptocurrencies. It focuses on simplicity and effectiveness in order to make it accessible to everyone, even the newcomers.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeApp

What is Financial Piggy

The 3 pillars of FiPi APP

FiPi APP is an automated regular saving tool. We believe that you have worked hard for your savings - that’s why WE MITIGATE THE RISK!

  • Dollar-cost averaging
If you choose to save $ 400 per month, FiPi APP will make weekly purchases of $ 100 / week
  • FiPi Index by BITA GmbH
FiPi 30 Index / FiPi DeFi Index / FiPi Meta NFT Index
  • Balancing
Automated following the market (passive, automatic portfolio management). We believe in crypto, we focus on the diversification of savings. In long term when market grows by 130% the your portfolio grows by 130% (ETF like)

You want to be a part of the FiPi Army?

Join us by buying FiPi Token. It has something unique that will win the sympathy not only of investors and the market, but also a wide group of recipients for whom the world of crypto and investments has so far been unattainable. And this sympathy will translate directly into the value of our token. How?

That something special is an FiPi APP. FiPi Token will be regularly bought by FiPi APP users - regardless of the FiPi Index selection, they will also regularly buy 1% of our token! Thanks to this, it will be constantly in circulation, and all its owners (i.e. users of the application after the first purchase) will earn on it.

In addition, FiPi APP users who want to reduce the amount of FiPi APP fees will have to have a certain number of FiPi Tokens (TIER system) in their portfolio.


IDO (Zelwin Launchpad): Apr 27, 2022 - Apr 27, 2022
IDO (Moonstarter Launchpad): Apr 29, 2022 - Apr 30, 2022
Token supply: 60,000,000 FiPi
Total tokens for sale: 13,200,000 FiPi

Token info

Ticker: FiPi
Token price in USD: 1 FiPi = 0.03 USD
Token distribution:
Seed - 9%
Private - 4%
Presale - 9%
Development - 15%
Marketing - 15%
Liquidity - 15%
Ecosystem - 18%
Advisors - 5%
Team - 10%

Financial Piggy Roadmap

Q3 2021
  • Creation of the $FiPi BSC concept
  • Legal analysis of planned implementations
  • Creating a team to implement the project
  • Creating a beta version of $FiPi
Q4 2021
  • Agressive community privatesale marketing campaing
  • Creating promo video
  • Whitelist for Private Sale
  • Recruitment for the FiPi team
Q1 2022
  • Private Sale for Venture capitals
  • Recruitment for Chief Marketing Officer
  • Selection of the advisor team for the FiPi
  • Workshops on $FiPi Tokenomics
  • Workshops on $FiPi Staking System
  • Analyzes and works on the additional of FiPi Crypto Indexes
  • TechRate $FiPi audit
Q2 2022
  • Whitelist for Presale
  • Referral reward system implementation for IDO
  • IDO on
  • IDO on
  • IDO Sale on
  • DEX listing
  • Implementation of $FiPi Staking System
  • Certik audit
  • Coinmarketcap & Coingecko Listing
  • Close alpha version FiPi APP tests
  • Close beta version FiPi APP tests
  • FiPi APP launch
Q3 2022
  • $FiPi burning event
  • Implementation of th FiPi APP Loyalty Program
Q4 2022
  • Implementation of the AML / KYC policy
  • Introduction of new exclusive FiPi Crypto Indexes
  • Further improvement of $FiPi Staking System
  • $FiPi Christmas BUSD Lottery
Q1 2023
  • Tier one CEX listing
  • Adding G-Pay | Apple Pay | Mastercard | VISA | Maestro
Q2 2023
  • Creation of a multichain wallet
  • Launch of the $ FiPi Loan System
  • FiPi Limited Staking Dividend
  • Implementation in the FiPi APP DeFi products aggregator (new $FiPi utility)
Q3/Q4 2023
  • Obtaining a PSD2 license for the intermediation of FIAT payments in the application
  • Introduction of $FiPi credit card

Project team

Maciej Jarosz
Maciej Jarosz
CEO / Founder
Kacper Kochanowski
Kacper Kochanowski
CTO / Co-Founder
Adrian Sajecki
Adrian Sajecki


Maciej Czarnecki
Maciej Czarnecki
Nikolay Shkilev
Nikolay Shkilev
PhD - Advisor
Chief Marketing Officer
Advisor of CTO

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