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Apr 29, 2024 – Jul 28, 2024
Token sale: Dec 23, 2024 – TBA

ENTY token are a completely decentralized ERC20 utility token on Polygon Network for high-end use cases by the upcoming decentralized mobile Crypto Web3 Neobank called enterapp.io by end of this year!

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typeOrganization
FoundedCzech Republic
Whitepaperenterapp.io White Paper Open

What is enterapp.io

enterapp.io will be an DICP as Digital Infrastructure for Crypto Payments as an Web3 Neobank powered by EntyLabs!

Non-custodial Wallet, Cross-chain Cryptocurrency & NFT Aggregator, Card payments...

Our Mobile Crypto WEB3 Neobank will as a DEX aggregator with various off-chain payment solutions offers all enterapp.io users the opportunity to benefit from all outstanding features and use various cryptocurrencies for real payments.

We will provide our future users with a completely uncomplicated, mass-market and very effective crypto and fiat Neobank for their use.

The Neobank DApp combines the functionality of an all-in-one crypto DEX aggregator as a digital bank of the future. Various features of this neobank are offered to our users, from simple exchanges through pools through various DeFi protocols to settlement of any NFTs, also various payments with cards (virtual and physical) crypto payments with convenient deposits and withdrawals for fiat currencies like Retail stores and various services, such as travel, etc...AND with various cashback benefits!

This will hopefully allow us to reach more millions of people and through 100 million different merchants to further help the “Mass adoption” of the crypto “Phenomenon”.!


Pre-sales: Apr 29, 2024 - Jul 28, 2024
Public sales: Dec 23, 2024 - TBA
Pre-sale token supply: 820,000,000 ENTY
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 ENTY
Total tokens for sale: 920,000,000 ENTY
Soft cap: 500,000 USD
Hard cap: 2,200,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Polygon
Registration country: Czech Republic
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: ENTY
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 ENTY = 0,001 USD
Accepted currencies: MATIC, USDT,USDC
Token distribution:
8,2% - Pre-sales
1% - Public sale
43,4% - Treasury Locked
43,4% - Liquidity Locked for Multi-Dex/Cex-es
1% - Marketing, Airdrop's & Bounty Program
3% - Staking Rewards
Funds allocation:
15% - App Development expenditure & Additional Legal extented licenses
45% - Human Resources & Co.Partner expenditure
40% - Business Partners & Marketing expenditure

enterapp.io Roadmap

2023 / Q2 The Beginning's
  • Main Idea of the Project
  • create ENTY Token as ERC20 Utility Token at Polygon!
  • PolygonScan verification
  • ENTY Token Audit
  • Docs / Github Account
  • Whitepaper Announcement / Gitbook
  • Company Headquarter release in Europe
2023 / Q3 - Q4 Let's get started!
  • Company Website Release (entylabs.com)
  • Social Media Accounts (Twitter, Telegram, Medium, youtube etc...)
  • Social Media Marketing I
  • Community building I.
  • enterapp.io website Placeholder release
  • enterapp.io website development
  • Press Releases I.
  • Website Release of enterapp.io
  • Marketing Announcements I.
  • Community building II.
  • Social Media Marketing II.
2023 /Q4 - 2024 / Q1 The way no back!
  • Airdrop & Referral Campaign I.
  • PR Marketing II.
  • Airdrop & Referral Campaign II.
  • Community building III.
  • ICO Presale site under development
  • Media campaign by Influencers I.
  • Placeholder site for Presale Dapp is Live!
  • SEO I.
  • Presale: Marketing Campaign
  • Social Media Marketing III.
  • ICO Launchpad listing
  • Marketing Campaign II.
  • Presale DApp is LIVE!
  • Community building IV.
  • Marketing Announcements II.
2024 / Q2 The Road to success!
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Presale Round 1 start
  • Presale: Marketing Campaign III.
  • SEO II.
  • Press Releases III.
  • Community building V.
  • Influencer Bounty I.
  • Developer Announcement II.
  • Announcement about Features of the DApp
  • Social Media Marketing IV.
  • Marketing Announcements III.
  • Continuous mobile app testing
  • Partnership buildings I.
  • Press Releases IV.
  • Staking DApp development will start
  • Influencer Bounty II.
2024 / Q3 Full Throttle!
  • Presale Round 2 start
  • Marketing Campaign IV.
  • SEO III.
  • Staking DApp Launch
  • Community building VI.
  • Marketing Announcements IV.
  • Start of our Mobile Neobank Application development
  • Influencer Bounty III.
  • Press Releases V.
  • Staking Dapp testing
  • Social Media Marketing V.
  • Partnership building II.
2024 / Q4 The Finish line!
  • Presale Round 3 start
  • Marketing Campaign V.
  • Press Releases VI.
  • Community building VII.
  • SEO IV.
  • Testing Application in Beta version
  • We are constantly expanding our Local & Global community!
  • Influencer Bounty IV.
  • Marketing Announcements V.
  • enterapp.io Product/Service website Release
  • The finished version of enterapp.io will be launched, and ready to Rock!
  • Announcement of the new Roadmap from 2025
  • Release of the First DEX listing
  • Public Sale (DEX Launch will start)
  • Listings on various DEXes (EVM)
  • Social Media Marketing VI.
  • Coinmarketcap & Coingecko listing
  • even more Stats site listings

Project team

Josef Paul
Josef Paul
Founder & CEO
Josef Paul linkedin
Elisabeth Fischer
Elisabeth Fischer
CTO - Engineer IT specialist
Elisabeth Fischer linkedin
Robert Bardo
Robert Bardo
Backend developer
Robert Bardo linkedin
Katerina Krasnova
Katerina Krasnova
Accounting & Bookkeeping

Social media

enterapp.io web-siteenterapp.io Mediumenterapp.ioYouTubeenterapp.io Telegramenterapp.io BTCTalkenterapp.io LinkedInenterapp.io Twitterenterapp.io Facebookenterapp.io Discordenterapp.io Github

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