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Banksters is a Web3 trading simulator and EduTech platform that rewards users for understanding crypto market trends.

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Project industryTrading & Investing / Gaming & VR
Product typePlatform
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What is Banksters

Banksters is an EduTech simulator that incorporates NFT technology to offer an immersive experience that gamifies common elements of our everyday lives. The platform expands on this niche genre by successfully ‘gamifying’ trading, making it more accessible and enjoyable for a diverse audience, including traditional gamers.

Welcome to the world of Banksters! A thrilling crypto game that doesn’t just test your understanding of market trends, mining, and NFTs but also rewards your expertise. No more losing against the market; with Banksters, you’ll compete against other players to prove your trading and crypto skills. Let’s dive into how this innovative game works.

Banksters avatars play a crucial role in the game by helping you mine in-game currency, granting access to Invest Runs with fellow players. Your goal is to climb to the top of the Leaderboard by winning these Invest Runs.


IDO (BullPerks Launchpad): Apr 24, 2024 - Apr 24, 2024
Token supply: 300,000,000 BARS


Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: BARS
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BARS = 0.04 USD
Funds allocation:
Team - 10.0%
Public Sale -5.8%
User Rewards - 35.0%
Advisors - 5.0%
Liquidity - 16.7%
Development - 7.5%
Marketing - 8.0%
Partnerships - 7.0%
Airdrops, Community Growth & Rewards - 5.0%

Banksters Roadmap

Early 2022 | Development Start
  • Team assembly
  • Game development kickoff
  • Artificial balance testing
  • Banksters concept artwork
Late 2022 | Closed Beta Testing
  • Basic gameplay implementation
  • In-game mining mechanics
  • Establishment of Banksters Academy
  • Gold sponsorship at the White Nights Gaming event in Tel Aviv
  • Closed Beta Test and championship
Feb ‘23 | Open Beta Testing
  • Core mechanics refinement
  • Implement Leaderboards
  • Mining Beta phase
  • Integrate Crypto Rewards
Q1 ‘23 & Q2 ‘23 | Soft LaunchStage 1
  • Release on Google Play
  • Add advanced mining features
  • Enhance sound design
  • Onboard new advisors
  • Reach a milestone of 5,000 organic users
Q3 ‘23 & Q4 ’23 | Soft LaunchStage 2
  • Update UI & UX
  • Implement Duel Challenges
  • Initiate marketing campaign
  • Implement new onboarding flow
  • Reach the 20,000 user milestone
Q2 ‘24 | Stable Release
  • Stable version release
  • Implement referral system
  • Partnerships with CEX/DEX platforms
  • Introduce new abilities and skills for Banksters
  • Undergo third-party smart contract audits
  • Forge partnerships with educational companies
  • Reach the 100,000 users milestone
  • Conduct Token & NFT Drop
  • Conduct NFT & Token Sale
  • List Token on CEX & DEX (Top 10/15)
Q3 ‘24 | Strategic Update 1
  • Expanding platform support to other leading blockchains
  • Implement additional analytic tools
  • Introduce new Banksters with innovative abilities
  • Collaborate with popular dApps to enhance user experience
  • Organize global trading simulation contests
  • Implement Major UI&UX updates
  • Collaboration with trading education platforms
  • Launch platform in other languages
> Q4 ’24 | Metaverse Release
  • Launch of Banksters Metaverse
  • Implement 3D visualization of clan properties within the metaverse
  • Integrate AI mechanics
  • Initiate EduTech grants program
  • Introduce new trading tools for users
  • Reach the 250,000 users milestone

Project team

Alex Altgausen
Alex Altgausen
Alex Altgausen linkedin
Alexandru Carbunariu
Alexandru Carbunariu
Chief Executive Officer
Alexandru Carbunariu linkedin
Kosta Seliuminau
Kosta Seliuminau
Chief Operating Officer
Kosta Seliuminau linkedin
Igor Kliukin
Igor Kliukin
Chief Product Officer
Igor Kliukin linkedin
Dimi Gornov
Dimi Gornov
Chief Technology Officer
Dimi Gornov linkedin


Michael Geiger
Michael Geiger
CEO of a large trading company and our advisor on everything markets and trading
Michael Geiger linkedin
Anthony Day
Anthony Day
Renowned web3 expert and our advisor on all things blockchain and web3
Anthony Day linkedin

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