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BitSchool is education platform integrating AI eLearning, teaching and tutoring.

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Project industryEducation
Product typePlatform
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What is BitSchool

  • Adaptive AI Assessment (Adaptively adjusts the difficulty of each question to ensure students are both challenged and motivated)
  • Adaptive Lesson Plans (Suggested lesson activities and customised timings depending on the needs of the class)
  • Adaptive Video Technology (Delivers customised videos tailored to the student’s learning needs, style and pathway)
  • Tracking and Insights (Displays the precise knowledge level of each student down to the micro level of each sub-topic studied)
  • Dynamic Marking System (Enables class teacher, peer, paid tutor and automatic assessment of assignments)
  • Gamified Learning (Levels, points, rewards and more are all used to boost engagement and motivation of students)
  • On-Demand Tutor Service 
  • GoGreenFund (roviding equal learning opportunities for low income students)


Pre-sales: Mar 19, 2018 - Apr 16, 2018
Public sales: May 14, 2018 - Jun 11, 2018
Pre-sale token supply: 144,000,000
Token supply: 160,000,000


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: China, United States,

Token info

Ticker: BSCH
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BSCH = 0.12145409 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH
Bonus program:
35% of Token purchase amount
1st week (5/14 09:00 GMT ~ 5/21 09:00 GMT) 15% of Token purchase amount
2nd week (5/21 09:00 GMT ~ 5/28 09:00 GMT) 10% of Token purchase amount
3rd week (5/28 09:00 GMT ~ 6/4 09:00 GMT) 5% of Token purchase amount
4th week (6/4 09:00 GMT ~ 6/11 09:00 GMT) 0% of Token Purchase amount
Token distribution:
75% - Public Fund
3% - Advisors
2% - Reserve
1% - Bounty
8% - Team
6% - Founder
5% - GoGreenFund
Funds allocation:
50% - Al Products
3% - Legal, Consulting
2% - Security
10% - Platform
10% - Operation
23% - Marketing

BitSchool Roadmap

April, 2016

Ideated BitSchool Concept.

June, 2017

Start development of Adaptive Assessment App

September, 2017

ICO prep.

March, 2018

Start Beta testing of Adaptive Assessment App at schools
Start Private Sale
Issued BSCH, the BitSchool ERC-20 token

April, 2018

Entercube, developer of Smart Test Solution (STS), joined BitSchool

July, 2018

Public Token Sale

September, 2018

Kick off development of On Demand Tutor platform (ODT)
Start development of token payment gateway

October, 2018

Set up fiat-payment system

November, 2018

Consolidate of Adaptive Assessment App with Smart Test Solution to create Personalized Learning Solution (PLS)
Launch PLS in Korea and UK targeting the academic sector
Start integrating adaptive technologies in PLS Test
Begin development of Paid Per Use (PPU)

December, 2018

Launch PLS Assessment on Digital Marketing Platform

February, 2019

Start development of PLS machine learning capabilities
Launch token payment gateway on blockchain

March, 2019

Start development of certificate storage / retrieval system on blockchain
Start development of GoGreenFund

2Q, 2019

Launch Paid Per Use
Launch Adaptive PLS Tests
Launch On-Demand Tutor
Expand PLS in English-speaking countries, i.e. US, North America, Australia etc

3Q, 2019

Launch blockchain-based certificate storage / retrieval system
Launch GoGreenFund

4Q, 2019

Start development of PLS corporate eLearning version

1Q, 2020

Launch PLS in non-speaking countries such as China, India and EU etc
Launch AI-equipped PLS Assessment

2Q, 2020

Launch AI-equipped PLS Learning and PLS Test
PLS will cover most courses taught in the academic sector
Start development of PLS Test for essay-type questions

3Q, 2020

Launch PLS corporate eLearning version

2Q, 2021

Launch PLS Essay Test

Project team

Kiung (Tom) Ku
Kiung (Tom) Ku
CEO/ Co-founder
Kiung (Tom) Ku linkedin
Philip Leipper
Philip Leipper
CTO/ Co-founder
Philip Leipper linkedin
Bad Edwards
Bad Edwards
Bad Edwards linkedin
Evan Stanfield
Evan Stanfield
Marketing Manager
Evan Stanfield linkedin
Deok Gun Park
Deok Gun Park
Chief AI Architect
Deok Gun Park linkedin
Lina Kim
Lina Kim
Executive Assistant / Digital Marketer
Lina Kim linkedin
Matthew Bowen
Matthew Bowen
Backend Developer
Matthew Bowen linkedin
Michael Leipper
Michael Leipper
Frontend Developer
Michael Leipper linkedin
Michael Demetriou
Michael Demetriou
Blockchain Developer
Colin Jung
Colin Jung
CEO Asia Pacific
Colin Jung linkedin
Aiden Moon
Aiden Moon
Aiden Moon linkedin
Dalibor Štefanac
Dalibor Štefanac
Community Manager
Dalibor Štefanac linkedin


Tegan Macmillan
Tegan Macmillan
Course Admin
Tegan Macmillan linkedin
Andy Percival
Andy Percival
Course Admin
Jaspal Singh
Jaspal Singh
Course Admin
Jaspal Singh linkedin
Christakis Demetriou
Christakis Demetriou
Course Admin
Christakis Demetriou linkedin
Dr. Choi
Dr. Choi
Associate Professor of George Washington University AI eLearning program and technology advisor
Dr. Choi linkedin
Edouard Brauer
Edouard Brauer
President / Co-Founder of IRDNA Neuroscience and education technology advisor
Edouard Brauer linkedin
Ian Van Der Linde
Ian Van Der Linde
AI Design / Development Advisor
Ian Van Der Linde linkedin
Scott Douglas
Scott Douglas
Blockchain/Business Strategy Advisor
Scott Douglas linkedin
Khalil Belmouddene
Khalil Belmouddene
Strategic Marketing Advisor
Khalil Belmouddene linkedin

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