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Blinked is a blockchain-based reccomendation platform that drives up to 90 percent of advertising revenue to users.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperBlinked White Paper Open

What is Blinked

Blinked is an existing social media platform for recommendations that aims to adopt blockchain and a proprietary ERC20 BLKD token. Advertisers will be able to reach users who will be rewarded for watching their ads. The team claim they will distribute up to 90% of advertising revenue to users through their decentralized social media model. The users will be rewarded with Blinked Gold (BGZD) points that can be converted into BLKD tokens. The following actions will be rewarded: contributing in-app recommendations, watching ads, administrative activity, P2P tipping for useful recommendations, etc.

Token info

Ticker: BLKD
Token price in USD: 1 BLKD = 0.08 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH
Bonus program:
Early pre-sale - 50% bonus
Token distribution:
37,5% - Reserve
25% - Pre-sale
12,5% - Sale
10% - Team
10% - Private pre-sale
5% - Early pre-sale
Funds allocation:
50% - Arcade reserve
30% - Operations
15% - Marketing
5% - Legal

Blinked Roadmap

Q4 2017

Winner of Startupalooza, Connecticut;
Winner of Startupalooza, Boston;
Winner of Startupalooza, New York;
2x Featured Presenter at Yale Club Private Equity Forum;
Blinked V. 4.0 released in iTunes;
Successful Integration of User Rewards;
Successful Integration of Gamification Badges;
Silently attracted 12,000 users;
Release of Blinked Commercial.

Q1 2018

Development of Whitepaper;
Preparation for ICO;
Programming and generation of Blinked Token.

Q3 2018

Blinked Road Show;
Integration of crypto-economics into Blinked V. 5.0 with BLKD Token;
Pre-ICO + ICO;
Blinked Advertising Admins begin.

Q4 2018

Blinked open to all Advertising Admins;
Blinked Marketing Campaigns Begin.

Q1 2019

New Year Blinked Marketing Campaigns Continue;
Additional Advertising Admin Growth;
Additional Advertising Revenue Growth.

Q2 2019

Spring Blinked Marketing Campaign.

Q3 2019

Blinked v. 6.0 Release;
Introduction of new functionality and improvements.

Q4 2019

Holiday Blinked Marketing Campaign;
Blinked Advertising Revenue Increases.


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Ryan Harwood
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