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SEER is a collection of social value discovery protocols that connect hundreds of millions of Web3 social users and are based on the user identity value system;It includes equity DSN, decentralized identity (DID), the world’s first ads protocol, DAO governance and decentralized data storage that can be implemented within the platform, and E2E’s real-time standard communications protocol. It enables innovative Web3 applications by establishing a matrix of asset tags and behavioral tags of users’ on-chain identities, which can provide accurate feedback to Web3 users.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typeProtocol
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What is Seer

SEER Decentralized Identifier(SDID) is built on the Ethereum main network and is the universal identity of the Web3 world. Seamlessly link identities, information, assets and applications in the digital world. Cross chain, decentralized, anti censorship, open source digital identity system.

SEER the ecology of SEER consists of five main components; the distributed communication protocol of Web3 (encrypted end-to-end communication), the powerful application scenario of DAO, the decentralized identity DID (exclusive Web3 user identities), the AOE\ADS protocol (accurate curation platform and user) and the Social Graph protocol.

Allow global users, no matter where they come from, to get a lifelong sdid for free, as their future digital identity, which can be freely circulated. Everyone should have a low-cost digital identity in the Web3 world. Bottom threshold and publicity are the proper paradigm of Web3.

SDID, the digital identity on the chain, once owned, will be owned for life. It should not be artificially chained to the old shackles of annual payment. Let's break it.

Using. Web3 as the unified identity of projects or users' social accounts on the web, with the widespread adoption of SDID standards, individuals will not be locked in a single ecosystem or isolated data containers.


Token supply: 100,000,000 SEER


Registration year: 2022

Token info

Ticker: SEER
Token distribution:
Ecosystem - 3%
Early Adopter Rewards - 2%
Platform Launchpool - 1.5%
Public Sale - 5%
Growth Backer Round - 10%
Advisors & Partners - 3.5%
Marketing - 10%
Team - 15%
SEER-Ads Protocol - 50%

Seer Roadmap

  • Official website
  • Technical test
  • Team to prepare
Aug-Sept 2022
  • Social Extension
  • The plug-in
  • NFT Marketing
Oct 2022
  • Analytics
  • On-chain label development
  • POAP development
  • User growth
Nov-Dec 2022
  • AI Beta
  • Data to debug
  • Marketing
  • VC/EX
Jan-Feb-Mar 2023
  • SEER-Ads Protocol
  • Database richness
  • Global market
Apr-May-Jun 2023
  • Set this parameter based on the actual situation

Social media

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