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Launched in 2020, Geojam is a social engagement platform that has already generated meaningful, passion-fueled fan engagement with celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nyjah Huston.

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Project industrySocial Network & Communication
Product typePlatform
FoundedUnited States
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What is Geojam

Launched in 2020, Geojam is a social engagement platform that has already generated meaningful, passion-fueled fan engagement with celebrities such as Mariah Carey, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nyjah Huston.

In one year, Geojam has garnered tens of thousands of users across iOS devices and has served as a bridge for fans to engage directly with artists, athletes, and influencers in the world of music.

Geojam is merging its existing point system onto the blockchain to create a 360º degree token-economic model with a decentralized financial system and protocol for rewards.

$JAM redefines the existing creator economy by creating a virtuous cycle between advertisers, creators, and fans (crowds). It allows us to redirect the flow of incentives away from centralized social media conglomerates that capitalize off your engagement and impressions, and back towards the creator economy that generates those engagements and socialization.


IDO (Synapse Network Launchpad): Dec 02, 2021 - Dec 03, 2021
IDO (Enjinstarter Launchpad): Jan 31, 2022 - Jan 31, 2022
Pre-sale token supply: 1,480,000,000 JAM
Token supply: 8,000,000,000 JAM
Total tokens for sale: 1,600,000,000 JAM
Raised: 2,500,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Afghanistan, Albania, Belarus, Burundi, Bosnia and Herz, Cambodia, Crimea, Central African Republic, Congo D.R., Cuba, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Gaza Strip, Iraq, Iran, Kosovo, Lebanon, Libya, Nigeria, Niger, Mali, Montenegro, Myanmar, North Korea, Nicaragua, North Macedonia, Russia, Somalia, Sevastopol, Serbia, Slovenia, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, Ukraine, U.S., Venezuela, Yemen, Zimbabwe
Registration country: United States
Registration year: 2019

Token info

Ticker: JAM
Type: Utility-token
Token standard: ERC-20
Token price in USD: 1 JAM = 0,005 USD
Accepted currencies: BUSD
Token distribution:
40% - Community Rewards
20% - Token Sale
12% - team
10% - Advisors
18% - Marketing
Funds allocation:
40% - Marketing
30% - Development
20% - Operations
5% - Hosting & Infrastructure
5% - Legal

Geojam Roadmap

Q4 2021
  • Build Crypto Community
  • Close $5.9M Token Pre-Sale
  • Launchpads IDO (Synapse & Lattice Launchpad)
  • Smart Contract
  • 50 Show College Tour
Q1 2022
  • JAM Token Generation Event (TGE) and token listings on Centralized (CEX) and Decentralized (DEX) exchanges.
  • ERC-20 with bridge to BSC and other chains.
Q1 2022
  • $JAM web portal will enable token holders to participate in Staking Programs including phase 1 Proposals and Creator Access Pools (CAPs) to earn $JAM, govern, and unlock access to exclusive experiences, products, NFT’s and merchandise.
Q1 2022
  • Android Integration MVP
  • Test Net L_0 Token on Constellation
Q2 2022
  • Official launch of Geojam 2.0 on Android & iOS.
  • Features include: Upgraded UX/UI, Mobile Wallet, Creator/Brand Portal, Creator Access Pools, & Proposal Pools
  • L_0 Token Migration on Constellation’s Hypergraph (No gas fees)
Q3-4 2022
  • User-Generated Creator Access Pools
  • NFTs on Constellation Hypergraph
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Initial Developer & Creator Toolkit for Metaverse

Project team

Sarah Figueroa
Sarah Figueroa
Co-founder & CEO
Sarah Figueroa linkedin
Sam Krichevsky
Sam Krichevsky
Co-founder & COO
Sam Krichevsky linkedin
Justin Rosenbaum
Justin Rosenbaum
Co-founder & CGO
Justin Rosenbaum linkedin

Social media

Geojam web-siteGeojamYouTubeGeojam TelegramGeojam InstagramGeojam LinkedInGeojam TwitterGeojam Facebook


MVP URLApp store

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