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BTC20 is a new ERC-20 token that allows crypto enthusiasts to buy the asset for $1 and capitalise on the power of staking. This is done by aligning BTC20 token releases with the original Bitcoin block reward mechanism.

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Project industryOther
Product typeCryptocurrency

What is BTC20

BTC20 is a Proof-of-Stake (PoS) ERC-20 green version of Bitcoin built on the Ethereum blockchain, recreating the state of the Bitcoin blockchain and token supply from 2011, when there were only 6.05 million BTC tokens in circulation and the price was $1. With every original Bitcoin block confirmation, a number of $BTC20 tokens will be released and distributed to stakers via a verified staking contract in line with the Bitcoin release schedule. After the presale, $BTC20 holders can stake their tokens to receive a share of the staking rewards. The more $BTC20 tokens a person stakes, the higher the rewards they are going to receive.


Pre-sales: Jul 17, 2023 - TBA
Token supply: 21,000,000 BTC20
Total tokens for sale: 6,050,000 BTC20
Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 6,050,000 USD


Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
Country limitations: Algeria, Bangladesh, China, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Nepal, Qatar and Tunisia
Registration year: 2023

Token info

Ticker: BTC20
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 BTC20 = 1 USD
Accepted currencies: ETH, USDT

BTC20 Roadmap

2023 Q3-Q4

Phase 1: Presale and Token Distribution

During the initial presale phase, 3 million BTC20 tokens will be sold at a symbolic price of $1 each. To mirror the 2011 market cap of Bitcoin, a further 3.05 million tokens will be made available to purchase after the soft cap of 3 million tokens is reached. This fundraising will lay the foundation for further development, marketing, and strategic partnerships.

2023 Q4-Q1

Phase 2: Launch and Staking Activation

Following the presale, the BTC20 team will deploy a secure and immutable staking contract. This contract will lock all unsold tokens (minimum of 14.95 million), serving as the cornerstone of the token's staking mechanism. Users will have the opportunity to stake their BTC20 tokens and participate in the distribution of staking rewards.

2024 Q1-Q4

Phase 3: Development and Expansion

The BTC20 team will focus on continuous development and expansion of the project. Key objectives include enhancing the staking contract's security and efficiency, exploring potential partnerships with strategic players, and expanding the utility of BTC20 within decentralized applications.

2025 Onwards

Phase 4: Long-Term Sustainability

BTC20 aims to achieve long-term sustainability. The staking contract will continue to reward BTC20 tokens to stakers in alignment with the Bitcoin release schedule, extending over a span of approximately 120 years. This gradual token release mechanism ensures a fair and measured distribution of rewards, providing enduring incentives for long-term community engagement.

Social media

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4 Responses

  • JasonJuly 19, 2023 at 11:58 pm

    SCAM, No team, no WP, fake address

  • igJuly 24, 2023 at 3:47 am

    Also looks like a scam to me, on twitter these accounts are also weird

  • pawJuly 25, 2023 at 1:13 am

    It’s 100% Scam

  • FabioMay 25, 2024 at 8:39 am

    the btc20 token, even if it is not official, is part of the btc20 blockchain in WAAS… where the projects with the btcc and boomerang token are built… everything is still in development and word doesn’t get around much. it will have great potential once that the community becomes aware of the project and the word will spread.
    it’s absolutely not a scam but it’s a deal right now.

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