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Carv is building ID infrastructure focused on gaming, enabling players with achievement display, semantic social, and access to gaming premiums, and can be brought anywhere.

Seed Funding Round: $4 Million

Series A Funding Round: $10 Million

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeOrganization
WhitepaperCarv White Paper Open

What is Carv

Carv is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with the mission to build a player-owned gaming identity that enable achievement display, friends & games discovery, as well as direct monetization. Carv empowers games and guilds to accurately distribute and launch incentive campaigns to players.

The benefits of 'Carv Protocol' and are as follows:

  • For players: with all this information in one place, players are able to clearly review their achievements and footprints in gaming, mint them into SBTs, and unlock SBT-gated benefits across games. There's also an SBT-based game sharing community for more genuine and efficient game discovery. Furthermore, the SBTs showcasing players' most proud gaming memories will be connected via a middleware plug-in to other Web2 or Web3 social spaces, allowing users to socialize with their credentials.
  • For game studios: game studios can leverage the achievement APIs of 'Carv Protocol' to easily launch any kinds of campaigns or advertisement accurately to players. For example, games can design a growth path for players and reward them with NFT badges and other benefits for better retention. With ‘Carv Protocol’, game distribution is made possible to target more valuable users rather than speculative ones to participate in INOs and downloads, and eventually grow more sustainable communities.
  • For guilds: gaming guilds can select scholars based on their past performances in different games with different guilds, which adds accuracy and fairness to the selection process. Moreover, with a hard evidence of their accumulative performance, players will push themselves to build their best 'resume' that they can carry around and getting them perks across games. In the meantime, guilds maximize their profits.

We are taking the Web3 gaming ecosystem to the next level by building gamer credential infrastructures, middleware tools, and a multi-sided platform, We also aspire to bridge Web2 gamers to Web3 gaming ecosystem, maximizing value to players, game developers, guilds, and investors.


IDO (Seedify Launchpad): May 09, 2024 - May 10, 2024
IDO (Eclipse Fi Launchpad): TBA - TBA
IDO (Impossible Finance Launchpad): May 03, 2024 - May 11, 2024
Token supply: 1,000,000,000 ARC
Raised: 14,000,000 USD


Registration year: 2021

Token info

Ticker: ARC
Token distribution:
DAO Treasury - 20%
Community - 32%
Founding Team & Advisors - 23%
Early Investors - 5%
Private Fundraising - 10%
Public Distribution - 3%
Partnered Games & Guilds & Relevant Services - 7%

Carv Roadmap

Phase 1


  • Alpha version of Carv Protocol public launch
  • Close Alpha
  • Landing page with visions explained
  • Profile page/dashboard for 20 in-game assets & gaming achievements demo
  • Token-gating IGO/scholarship
  • Events and event detail page to query players’ data and badge-minting


  • Governance mechanism draft design


  • Jumpstart and grow Carv community
  • Activate Carv community with game nights, Q&As, AMAs, etc.
  • Convert passionate pioneers from Carv community to global guardians
  • Bot development in Discord
  • Community seasonal pass draft design with community volunteers


  • Adviser onboarding & token allocation
  • Token mechanism draft design
Phase 2


  • Beta version of Carv Protocol public launch:
  • Integration w. Solana, NEAR, more chains and off-chain data
  • Push & pull approach for 100+ Webs game integration
  • Protocol white-labeling usecase
  • Open Alpha
  • Upgraded UIUX of
  • Carv ID DB & profiling system optimization
  • SBT-based game review & discovery MVP
  • Game events and Carv XP system launch


  • Governance mechanism publishing, and kick off w. primary protocol governance
  • Tech design for Carv governance system


  • Continue growing and activating Carv community
  • Mini-games and more bots development in Discord
  • Guardian program 1st batch launch and role gating tasks and channels across the globe 1st Community seasonal pass launch "DragonBall"


  • Early investor round
  • Private round kick-off
Phase 3


  • Carv protocol optimization & DB enrichment
  • Automated interface for gaming campaigns
  • Protocol to white-label w. token embedded Beta
  • SBT-based game review & discovery optimization
  • Partnering w. strategic partners to upgrade features to make one-stop soln for players
  • Carv genesis NFT and in-platform token launch
  • Carv App launch
  • Advanced target ads system launch


  • Enable token-holder governance
  • Launch Carv governance system & interface


  • Further grow, activate, and convert Carv community
  • Guardian program upgrade and global business and community development
  • Souldrop for 1st community seasonal pass launch "DragonBall"
  • More community seasonal pass launch
  • Onboard and educate Web2 players


  • Public round (TBD)
  • TGE
Phase 4


  • Open srounce to dev communities to build tools and enrich Carv ecosystem
  • Carv App optimization
  • Advanced target ads system continuously learning & upgrading
  • Open choices to players - transitioning to decentralized identifiers for users to self — soverign and explore broader opportunities
  • 'Carv Game/Space' test and launch
  • Carv chain planning and roll out
  • TBD (sky is not the limit)


  • Optimize governance mechanism
  • Carv-issued gaming SBTs & governance mechanism to create a paradigm for gaming ecosystems


  • Further grow, activate, and convert Carv community
  • Global coordination in decentralized manner
  • More community seasonal pass launch
  • Community-initiated events/activities
  • Carv community clan/guilds assembling
  • Web2 players smooth onboarding and gateway to the Web3 era


  • Staking and more

Project team

Gokhan Seckin MSc.
Gokhan Seckin MSc.
Director of Business Development
Gokhan Seckin MSc.  linkedin
Victor Yu
Victor Yu
Operations Partner
Victor Yu linkedin
Claire Xinjie Liu
Claire Xinjie Liu
Claire Xinjie Liu linkedin
Yidai Yuan
Yidai Yuan
Program Manager
Yidai Yuan linkedin
Anthea WEN
Anthea WEN
Content Contributor
Anthea WEN linkedin


Armando O.
Armando O.
BD, Growth & Strategy Advisor
Armando O. linkedin

Social media

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