We provide eco-friendly, sustainable, high-performance products that are fire, mold, rot and insect resistant to improve the quality of life physically, financially and environmentally.

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What is CERLOS

MOXY OID is set to fundamentally change the near trillion-dollar building materials market with its Trade Secret - sustainable and ultra-high- performance products branded as CERLOS. Our CERLOS products have the following qualities;

  • Fire-resistant, achieving a Class A fire rating.
  • Termite, insect, rodent and bird resistant.
  • Mold resistant.
  • Water-resistant and all-weather stable, won’t shrink or swell.
  • It can be cut, machined, drilled, and otherwise worked in the field.
  • It can be molded to almost any shape in manufacturing.
  • MOXY OID is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, Canada, and utilizes proprietary technology to address a real need in the Global building material marketplace. The company intends to manufacture highly marketable building products and is expecting to reach annual sales of USD$643 million by the seventh year of operation.

    MOXY OID answers the markets’ demand for innovative and sustainable building materials. The composition and properties of CERLOS products contribute to the higher profitability of MOXY OID while being sustainable and environmentally friendly.

    CERLOS can be described as a new, engineered wood product utilizing 100% natural ingredients with no chemical additives, unprecedented aesthetic possibilities, and excellent handling characteristics.

    CERLOS products have a unique advantage over competing, traditional products by the unlimited supply/origin of the raw materials used in its manufacturing. Furthermore, the combination of its properties, and the fact that at the end of each cycle use, the product can be recycled (cradle to cradle).

    CERLOS products have a unique advantage over competing, traditional products by the unlimited supply/origin of the raw materials used in its manufacturing. Furthermore, the combination of its properties, and the fact that at the end of each cycle use, the product can be recycled (cradle to cradle).

    MOXY OID is at a pivotal point, shifting from $22.5 million in R&D to an operating profitable company by commencing manufacturing of its market entry product, CERLOS Siding/Cladding.

    The majority of the fund (60%) will be used by MOXY OID to build a High capacity manufacturing facility in the Pacific Northwest, in North America to meet the demand for CERLOS products. Legal, Business Development and Administrative expenses will use 10% of the funds raised. Marketing and Business Development will use 10%. Research and Development will be allocated 10% of the funds raised while the balance 10% is allocated to take care of the issue and fund raising related expenses.

    CERLOS Inc is raising US$20,800,000 through an IEO, offering an Asset-Backed Token to acquire 25% equity stake in MOXY OID which is the Canadian Operating company belonging to the same group. By virtue of this investment, the Token Holders of CERLOS Inc will receive 90% of the dividends earned by CERLOS Inc. The token offering is facilitated by CGCX.io exchange where the tokens will also be listed and traded subsequent to the offer.


    MOXY OID will become a global supplier of sustainable building products, initially accelerating High-Capacity manufacturing operations in North America, followed by Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific.

    MOXY OID’s market launch product line will be siding/cladding/fascia, followed by roofing products, and then panel boards, displacing competitive, yet inferior, plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), mediumand high-density fiberboard (MDF/HDF) and other engineered wood, fiber cement, plastic MgO boards, and other composite products including drywall.


    To improve the quality of life physically, financially, and environmentally by providing a costeffective eco-friendly building material that is fire, mold, rot, and insect resistant.


    Pre-sales: Jun 01, 2020 - Jun 30, 2020
    Public sales: Jul 01, 2020 - Aug 30, 2020
    Token supply: 25,000,000 CERLOS
    Soft cap: 2,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 20,800,000 USD


    Blockchain Platform: Ethereum
    Registration country: Malaysia
    Office address: 1066 West Hastings Street, Suite 2300 Vancouver, BC, V6E 3X2 Canada
    Park Eikenheuvel 303 NL-5262 AW VUGHT Netherlands
    1207 Justicia Road Tbilisi, Georgia
    Lot A020, Level 1, Podium Level, Financial Park, Jalan Merdeka, 87000 Labuan F.T. Malaysia

    Token info

    Ticker: CERLOS
    Token standard: ERC1400
    Token price in USD: 1 CERLOS = 1 USD
    Funds allocation:
    Manufacturing Facilities6 - 60%
    Legal, Business Development and Administrative - 10%
    Marketing and Communications - 10%
    R&D Expenses - 10%
    Issue Expenses - 10%

    CERLOS Roadmap


    Alan Heywood (President & CTO) purchased a patent and formed C-Max Technologies International Inc.


    Lab research and testing. The IP is developed. $12 million spent on R&D.


    C-Max Technologies is dissolved. Alan develops the technology as a sole proprietor.


    Alan continues to research, focusing on sources of ingredients and process equipment. Engagement with Corvallis Tool Company of Oregan to design and manufacture a preliminary design. Further $1 Million is spent on R&D.


    MOXY OID is established to aid the management and commercialization of the technology. Cost: $2 Million.


    Pilot Plant process facility is built in Holland by VDL Enabling Technologies group. High-volume production validated. $7 Million spent.


    Preparation and development of websites and documents for funding of high-volume manufacturing facility and legal requirements. Cost is $500k.

    March 2020

    Pre-Sale Starts

    First Quarter 2020

    Begin High-Capacity design/build of manufacturing line

    Second Quarter 2020

    Canada/US Site Selection

    Second Quarter 2021

    First Employment of High-Capacity of 450 million ft2 per year in North America

    Project team

    Robert Bedard
    Robert Bedard
    eMBA, Chief Executive Officer
    Robert Bedard linkedin
    Alan Heywood
    Alan Heywood
    President Chief Technology Officer/Inventor
    Alan Heywood linkedin
    Robert Gagné
    Robert Gagné
    CIPM, CISM, CISSP, CRISC, Chief Information Officer
    Robert Gagné linkedin
    Mark Soloman
    Mark Soloman
    VP, Business Development and Marketing
    Mark Soloman linkedin
    Antoon Eggenhuizen
    Antoon Eggenhuizen
    European Advisor
    Antoon Eggenhuizen linkedin


    Don Asok
    Don Asok
    Technology Advisor
    Don Asok linkedin
    Vin Menon
    Vin Menon
    Blockchain Advisor
    Vin Menon linkedin
    Kate Alippa
    Kate Alippa
    Marketing Advisor
    Kate Alippa linkedin

    Social media

    CERLOS web-siteCERLOS MediumCERLOSYouTubeCERLOS TelegramCERLOS InstagramCERLOS LinkedInCERLOS TwitterCERLOS Facebook

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