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Cryptopia is the first fully decentralized, on-chain game that runs without central game servers. We make onboarding as easy as possible by our integrated multisig wallet, our free-to-play-and-earn model, and our gasless solution on the SKALE chain.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperCryptopia White Paper Open

What is Cryptopia

Cryptopia is a mix of Civilization (strategy), Tycoon games (business simulation) and RPGs. All resources are tokenized, all game items are NFTs. We use blockchain as a key component: everything that represents value or determines player effectiveness is on-chain. We have a gaming model that ties players that spend/purchase to players that don't want/cannot spend. These two groups need each other to progress. They create quests and jobs for each other and pay rewards to each other. There is a real player-to-player economy (our vision of decentralization: user-generated content in a community-owned game).

TOS (Cryptos) is an ERC777 token bridged between multiple blockchains such as Ethereum and Polygon. A key role of TOS is to enable seamless interoperability across multiple blockchains.

Our game is free-to-play-and-earn. You don't need to buy an NFT in order to play and earn. Just create an account and start playing. Try the game and see for yourself if this is something for you. Combined with the easy sign-up, we have the prerequisites in place for easy onboarding. The barrier to entry is extremely low.


IDO (GameFi Launchpad): Apr 10, 2024 - Apr 10, 2024
Token supply: 10,000,000,000 CRT


Registration country: Virgin Islands (British)
Office address: Rodus Building, PO Box 3093, Road Reef, Tortola, VG1110 BVI

Token info

Ticker: TOS
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 TOS = 0.0035 USD
Token distribution:
In-Game - 25%
Liquidity Pools - 10%
Investors - 23%
Partnerships - 5%
Company Treasury - 26%
Marketing - 5%
Airdrops - 6%
Funds allocation:
Marketing - 47%
Legal - 5%
Development - 22.5%
Operational Cost - 22.5%
Start-up + HR - 3%

Cryptopia Roadmap

  • Proof of Concept
Q1 2022
  • Validation
  • Private sale - round 1
  • Closed demo - phase 1
  • Team expansion
Q2 2022
  • 100% serverless multiplayer
  • Avatar customization module - phase 1 and 2
  • Minimap - phase 2
  • Discovery mode
  • Multisig Wallet – phase 2
  • Avatar updates
  • Settings menu
  • Closed demo - phase 2
Q3 2022
  • Closed demo - phase 3
  • Dynamic player and animal movement
  • Early Access Ships, Pirate Ships and Daxio Ships are now implemented in the game
  • Mini game for capturing companions (Minting Companion NFTs)
  • Android build of Cryptopia is functional
  • In-tile scene - phase 1
  • Seasteading Tiles
  • Settings Menu Update
  • Addition of emoticon reactions in the game
  • Avatar customization module - phase 3
  • Minimap - phase 2
Q4 2022
  • In-tile scene - phase 2
  • Closed demo - phase 4
  • Upgrade graphics world map
  • Inventory system - phase 1
  • Fishing
  • Hunting
  • Foraging
  • Capture tokens
  • Creatures
  • Ship NFTs
Q1 2023
  • Serverless NFTs
  • NFT market place - phase 1
  • Avatars - phase 1
  • Creature capturing gameplay - phase 1
  • Tools - phase 1
Q2 2023
  • Closed demo - phase 5 (pre-alpha)
  • Tools - phase 2
  • Node network mesh - phase 1
Q3 2023
  • Pirate gameplay - phase 1
  • Inventory system - phase 2
  • Buildings - phase 1
  • Closed demo - phase 6 (alpha)
Q4 2023
  • Closed beta
  • SKALE testnet
  • Crafting tools and equipping tools
  • Tool NFTs on server
Q1 2024
  • Open beta - phase 1
  • Quests
  • Participant of Killer Whales TV Show
Q2 2024
  • Start public sale TOS
  • NFT market place - phase 2
  • Turn-based battles: battle arena (PvP)
  • Turn-based battles: Bounty hunters (PvP)
  • Quests: Faction Story
  • Quests: Satoshi's Origin Story
  • Quests: Pirate Island Story
Q3 2024
  • Buildings: Mine
  • Buildings: Factory
  • Buildings: Energy
  • Buildings: Staking
  • Jobs: Construction
  • Jobs: Mining
  • Jobs: Production
  • Jobs: Research
Q4 2024
  • Skill tree: advanced crafting
  • Skill tree: professions
  • Pets: breeding
  • Pets: trading
  • Pets: connect to character
Q1 2025
  • DAO functionality for guilds - phase 1
  • DAO functionality for guilds - phase 2
  • Player owned DEX - phase 1
  • Node license NFTs
Q2 2025
  • Node network mesh - phase 2
  • Faction zones: population
  • Faction zones: CO2
  • BNB testnet
  • SOL testnet
  • Marriage

Project team

Frank Bonnet
Frank Bonnet
Founder & Lead Developer
Frank Bonnet linkedin
Hansco Leek
Hansco Leek
Hansco Leek linkedin
Sangho Grolleman
Sangho Grolleman
Chief Executive Officer
Sangho Grolleman linkedin
Cysa Chicano
Cysa Chicano
Social Media Manager
Cysa Chicano twitter
Lauderic Labapis
Lauderic Labapis
Community Manager
Lauderic Labapis linkedin
Mateo Tedin
Mateo Tedin
Illustrator & Concept Artist
Mateo Tedin linkedin
Chris Gamble
Chris Gamble
3D Artist
Chris Gamble linkedin
Zoltán Urbán
Zoltán Urbán
Zoltán Urbán linkedin
MR. Nguyen Ngoc Dinh
MR. Nguyen Ngoc Dinh
MR. Nguyen Ngoc Dinh linkedin
Alliah Ashly Santos
Alliah Ashly Santos
Alliah Ashly Santos linkedin
Angelika Barreto
Angelika Barreto
Angelika Barreto linkedin
Kristelle Go
Kristelle Go
Kristelle Go linkedin
Darlene Valerio
Darlene Valerio
Darlene Valerio linkedin
Mikko Race
Mikko Race
Lead Moderator
Mikko Race linkedin
Maria Theresa
Maria Theresa
Maria Theresa linkedin
Pinky Prikwan
Pinky Prikwan
Pinky Prikwan twitter
Nikolaos Chrousis
Nikolaos Chrousis
Nikolaos Chrousis linkedin
Oğuz Boduroğlu
Oğuz Boduroğlu
Web Designer & 3D Modeler
Oğuz Boduroğlu linkedin
Mark Aragona
Mark Aragona
Creative Writer
Mark Aragona linkedin
Ochala Samuel Imadi
Ochala Samuel Imadi
Ochala Samuel Imadi linkedin
Galuh Diaminanto
Galuh Diaminanto
Galuh Diaminanto linkedin
Maarten J.R. Jansen
Maarten J.R. Jansen
Legal assistance
Maarten J.R. Jansen linkedin
Kyle Zale
Kyle Zale
Design Coordinator
Kyle Zale linkedin
John Mark Adriano
John Mark Adriano
Game Developer
John Mark Adriano linkedin
Yurii Selinnyi
Yurii Selinnyi
Unity Developer
Yurii Selinnyi linkedin
Dima Buchka
Dima Buchka
Quality Assurance Engineer
Dima Buchka linkedin
Adam Stagg
Adam Stagg
Game Developer
Adam Stagg linkedin
Toine Koene
Toine Koene
Web-Developer & Concept Manager
Toine Koene linkedin


Manuel Gonzalez Garcia
Manuel Gonzalez Garcia
Manuel Gonzalez Garcia linkedin
Stefan Offringa
Stefan Offringa
Financial Advisor
Stefan Offringa linkedin
Zimri Leijen
Zimri Leijen
Zimri Leijen linkedin

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