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DappOS is an operating protocol that manages crypto infrastructures for users. With DappOS, anyone can access decentralized application without complicated workflow or in-depth crypto knowledge.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
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What is DappOS

DappOS is an operating protocol designed to lower the barrier to interacting with crypto infrastructures (public chains and cross-chain bridges e.g). This protocol will make dApps as user-friendly as mobile apps.

To onboard the next billion users onto Web3, user experience really matters. However, current dApps are still too difficult for mainstream users. Two problems are blamed for most of the barriers.

  • The first is about confusing web3 accounts
  • The other problem is complicated workflows

DappOS will address these two problems by building a middle layer between users and crypto infrastructures. Users only need to interact with dappOS, and dappOS will help the users to interact with crypto infrastructures and execute workflows automatically.

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