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Dojima Network is a cross-chain infrastructure that will enable seamless transfer of liquidity and data between different blockchains.

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Project industryBlockchain Infrastructure
Product typeProtocol
WhitepaperDojima Network White Paper Open

What is Dojima Network

Dojima Network thrives to create an Cross-chain infrastructure that enables interoperability between protocols in different chains , borderless exchange of assets and creation of market places with tokens pooled from all chains.

The robust infrastructure of Dojima Network is powered by Decentralized network of Proof-of-Stake (PoS) validators. Dojima Network relies on a set of validators to secure the network. The role of validators is to run a full node; produce blocks, validate, participate in consensus, run relayer and oracle services and commit checkpoints.

Delegated staking and slashing mechanics act as a backbone for the protocol security and prevent economical incentives for validators to get into collusion.


Registration country: India
Registration year: 2020

Project team

Viswa Bhagath Reddy Yerramreddy
Viswa Bhagath Reddy Yerramreddy
Viswa Bhagath Reddy Yerramreddy linkedin
Moses (Okocha) Success
Moses (Okocha) Success
Community Manager
Moses (Okocha) Success linkedin
Akhil Reddy
Akhil Reddy
Akhil Reddy linkedin
Nwabuzor Esther
Nwabuzor Esther
Nwabuzor Esther linkedin
Visvesh Naraharisetty
Visvesh Naraharisetty
Software Developer
Visvesh Naraharisetty linkedin
Bharath Reddy Yerramreddy
Bharath Reddy Yerramreddy
Software Engineer
Bharath Reddy Yerramreddy linkedin
Sri Hari Sirisipalli
Sri Hari Sirisipalli
Software Engineer Intern
Sri Hari Sirisipalli linkedin

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