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FairWin is a gaming platform where the game logic and the amounts of both wagers and wins will be publicly available and the payment of winnings will be automated and will not depend on the organizers.

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Project industryGambling & Betting
Product typePlatform

What is FairWin

1. HTML5/WebGL games. The gaming platform is capable of running on any device and in any browser

2. Each game outcome will be generatedusing Random Number Generator (RNG), based on atmospheric noise (

3. The sequence of the game moves will be signed with a unique key and checked by both the client and the server, which will guarantee the security of the game session.

4. The platform provides support for 3D games

5. FairWin functions on the FWIN base - the token of the FairWin platform

8. An open platform architecture convenient for developers


Public sales: Dec 01, 2018 - Jan 01, 2019
Soft cap: 6,000,000USD (fiat)
Hard cap: 25,000,000 USD(fiat)


Registration country: United Kingdom

Token info

Ticker: FWIN
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 FWIN = 0.001 USD
Accepted currencies: USD ETH
Bonus program:
Coin Distribution Stage 1: 50% bonus
Coin Distribution Stage 2: 40% bonus
Coin Distribution Stage 3: 30% bonus
Coin Distribution Stage 4: 20% bonus
Coin Distribution Stage 5: 10% bonus
Coin Distribution Stage 6: 0% bonus
Token distribution:
50% of FWIN tokens will be distributed via ICO
3% of FWIN tokens will go to the gaming platform integrator partners
3% of FWIN tokens will be used to reward the BOUNTY program participants
44% of FWIN tokens – founder stake
Funds allocation:
50% will be allocated to the development
20% will be allocated to legal expenses
20% will be allocated to PR, advertising and marketing
10% will be allocated to operating cost

FairWin Roadmap

2007 April

Idea and team creation

2008 June

The first version of the game client (C programming language), game server (PHP), a unique payment system / control panel

2010 July

Game client migrated into C++

2014 August

First attempts to migrate to WebGL

2016 September

HTML5 / WebGL client launched in production, backend is migrated into Java. Cluster with 5 servers

2018 January

Preparation of a smart contract for ICO

2018 February

Initiate development of FairChannel, development of a smart contract

2018 March

Own games development start

2018 July

Pre-ICO start

2018 August

Platform alpha release

2018 September

5 slot games on the platform with FairChannel beta

2018 December

ICO start

2019 January

ICO end

2019 March

24 games on the platform

Social media

FairWin web-siteFairWin RedditFairWin MediumFairWinYouTubeFairWin TelegramFairWin InstagramFairWin BTCTalkFairWin LinkedInFairWin TwitterFairWin FacebookFairWin Github

User rating:

5/5 ( 1 )

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