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ICO’s aims to assist talented game developers, to help them realize their dreams, and to create great games that provide entertainment for all people. The process of ICOs is just like game crowdfunding, where a supporter is one of the future players of the game.

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Project industryGaming & VR White Paper Open

Technical details

Ethereum ERC20 standard.

What is’s few core services are as follows: 1) - GWallet. A digital wallet for global players to store and manage their digital assets, and provide support for more virtual currencies in future ICO projects, and is a way to expand into the unknown “blue ocean” market for digital asset wallets. 2) - A virtual currency trading platform?. A global platform for players to trade their digital assets, supporting the trading of G coins, and future ICO projects with support from 3) - GToken Fund. Investment composition – GToken Fund incorporates special G coin investment funds. 4) - “Game Me” messaging. Aims is game messaging service, uses a universal ID to connect players with Game Connect, and aims to be the largest distributor of HTML5 mobiles games.

Token info

Ticker: GTC
Token price in USD: 1 GTC = 0.1 USD
Token distribution:
Token distribution: 10% - Presale 15% - Crowdsale 10% - Private Placement 15% - Team 50% - Candy G Plan Use of proceeds: 50% - to maintain and improve the platform, daily operation management, marketing, and so on 20% - for the global game digital assets trade platform 30% - for the capital investment distribution, to invest in top quality projects in the game industry and to consistently add to the value of G coins Roadmap


Launch phase


Official ICO website comes online


G Token Fund formal launch


Test operation for the platform, including being published on ICO, virtual currency trading platform, and virtual currency wallet

2018.1.1 platform is launched globally


Testing starts for the instant messaging service


Formal launch for the instant messaging service. Through the investment of G tokens, more games can be created, and business development expanded to cooperate with well-known game properties. Our goal is to be able to connect 100 million gamers from the beginning (Please keep an eye on our website, we’ll continue to post details and updates about the instant messaging service)

Project team

Le Xu
Le Xu
Founder & CEo
Liwei Wang
Liwei Wang
Head of server & technical services
Xiaofeng Song
Xiaofeng Song
Head of wireless services
Yajun Wen
Yajun Wen
Design director & product head

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