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Global Games World Passion (GGWP)

GGWP is a Proof-of-Play community-driven GameFi ecosystem consisting of several games on the Aptos blockchain. Equipped with NFT technology.

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Project industryGaming & VR
Product typeEcosystem
WhitepaperGlobal Games World Passion White Paper Open

What is Global Games World Passion

We are GGWP and our mission is to create an opportunity for game developers and gamers to find each other. We don’t want to produce similar games with a flat plot. We are voting for various game mechanics, a safe ecosystem, and a new era of games — this time, in Web3.

GGWP is a community-driven GameFI ecosystem based on the Play-to-Earn concept.

Integrated into the ecosystem, NFT enable participants to use completely the resources of the project to benefit from it.

Constructed on the Aptos Blockchain, the project has an edge in speed, stability and scalability using minimum fee.

What is GGWP Gateway?

It is a module for game projects integration into the GGWP ecosystem. Projects that are integrated into GGWP comply with our policy and use $GGWP and $GPASS tokens.

The main goal of GGWP Gateway is to provide the integration of gaming projects into the ecosystem using the GGWP Gateway smart contract interaction protocol.

Users get the access to a vast range of games, and game developers get royalties from transactional activities within their game.


Blockchain Platform: Aptos
Registration year: 2022

Token info

Type: Utility-token
Token distribution:
30% - Games reward fund
15% - Private Sale
10% - Public Sale
5% - Seed fund
18% - Team fund
12% - Marketing fund
5% - Advisor fund
5% - Reserve fund

Global Games World Passion Roadmap

March of 2022

Tokenomics math model R&D

July of 2022

GGWP.WORLD website development

August of 2022

Infrastructure smart contract development (GPASS, Freezing, Staking)

September of 2022

Accumulation fund «Rough Rules» game mechanics R&D liquidity separation (Smart contract development)

October of 2022

Aptos TestNet deploy.(Infrastructure smart contract)

November of 2022

Personal gamer account launch (Aptos TestNet)

First quarter of 2023

Launch of «Rough Rules» game. Community rewards program launch

Second quarter of 2023

Launch of «Fired Engine» game. NFT Starter pack launch

Third quarter of 2023

Launch of public token sale

DAO voting program launch

Fourth quarter of 2023

MainNet launch (major ecosystem, released games)

First quarter of 2024

Integration of NFT functionality in game process. NFT Main pack activation

Project team

Victor Mironov
Victor Mironov
CFO, Co-founder
Victor Mironov linkedin
 Reres Reresim
Reres Reresim
CEO, Co-founder
Sergey Malyutin
Sergey Malyutin
Art Director, Co-founder
Sergey Malyutin linkedin
Kirill Kuzminykh
Kirill Kuzminykh
Blockchain developer
Chudinov Sergey
Chudinov Sergey
Frontend developer
Kulinkovich Oleg
Kulinkovich Oleg
Project manager
Kulinkovich Oleg linkedin
Malik Kutdusov
Malik Kutdusov
Malik Kutdusov linkedin
Nick Krasnoperov
Nick Krasnoperov
Head of Marketing
Nick Krasnoperov linkedin
Nikita Serebriakov
Nikita Serebriakov
Unity Developer

Social media

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