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GrafSound (GSMT)


GRAFSOUND serves music from all genres all over the world and provides not only music, but all the sounds of the world heard in nature and in everyday life.

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What is GrafSound

Support service by categorizing into guest member and host member.

Artist (Host)

GRAF SOUND provides artists with a separate open market music account to help them create and promote. This allows artists to promote themselves, register their music freely, and set the price they want to maintain for each song. In addition, they can easily check all management information about music source management and profit activity transactions


Listeners can easily enjoy all the information of their favorite artist's albums, videos, photos…and share the artist's account with other fans. Streaming is free, but you need to purchase GSMT (Token) for other services.

Graf Sound offers a free streaming music service. Grafsound's main source of revenue is advertising fees, and users have to pay to listen to music without ads. In addition, it also generates other profits through diverse side services (DApp). GrafSound's app is planned to provide a variety of services such as personal broadcast (Mcn), crowdfunding, Goods shopping center, audition, social networking (SNS), voting, ticket sales, etc. These features will help secure resources for Grafsound's service activities, besides, they also contribute to boosting the token ecosystem of GSMT.

Our goal is to enhance the value of GSMT and continually expand the ecosystem of GSMT tokens through this application.

GrafSound is not only planned for the purpose of music but also the desire to 'contain all the sounds in the world'. People can register and sell all sounds on earth freely through GRAFSOUND. This is the model that anyone can become creative. For example, you open the app, record your friends' laughter and register to use the app's sound effects function. Through the app, you can sell the sound you just recorded to those who need it. Everyone must know YouTube and Tik Tok. And when creating a Video, we always need diverse music and sound effects. So, we created a service that made it possible for people to register and sell all the sounds on earth that came from this need. In addition, artists will be provided with tools to support creative activities and purchase for free. Artists can post and sell their music through their accounts. In addition, they can also sell their favorite items. Besides, before the official launch of the GRAFSOUND app, we have launched the GRAFSOUND.TV service, so everyone can try it out now. Through the website, people can enjoy all the music in this world for free.The update speed of GRAFSOUND is quite fast and we believe you will be satisfied with it. We will give users a different experience than what they have ever experienced before.

We have created a team ready to work and develop with famous singers and artists in Vietnam. We will take advantage of this as we conduct our marketing and promotion campaigns in Vietnam. Grafsound is the first service to be launched in Vietnam.


IEO (Finexbox Launchpad): Aug 19, 2020 - Aug 29, 2020
IEO (Vindax Launchpad): Aug 15, 2020 - Aug 25, 2020
Token supply: 7,000,000,000 GSMT
Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 3,000,000 USD

Token info

Ticker: GSMT
Token price in USD: 1 GSMT = 0.3 USD
Token price in BTC: 1 GSMT = 0.00002665 BTC
Funds allocation:
Marketing & Strategy - 30%
Operation Expense - 23%
Development & UI/UX Design - 30%
Biz Development - 10%
Expansion - 7%

GrafSound Roadmap

Q2 2020

Listing GRAFT (GSMT) Token - ZG.COM

Token Global Marketing

Developing GRAFT Main-Net

Q3 2020

Opening Grafsound Service

  • Korea, Vietnam
  • Global Audition Competition

    GRAFT (GSMT) Token Additional Listing

  • Coinone
  • DigiFinex
  • Coinmama
  • 3
    Q4 2020

    Expanding global content distribution network

    Holding GRAF 2020 AWARD

    Extending music content

    Q1 2021

    Grafsound Star management

    Grafsound Upgrade (Build additional development)

    Expand Grafsound Global Services

  • Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, etc.
  • 5
    Q2 2021

    Building GRAFT Main-Net

    Preparing to listing on the local exchange in Europe and the United States

    Social media

    GrafSound web-siteGrafSound MediumGrafSoundYouTubeGrafSound TelegramGrafSound Facebook

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