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International Sky Group is a satellite communication systems plaform.

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Project industryInternet & Telecommunications
Product typePlatform

What is International Sky Group

International Sky Group Company (ISG) presents Satellite Communication System (SCS) with highspeed broadband access to Internet, which is developed based on low-orbit, mobile, small-size satellite constellation. This system is combined with high speed of data transmission, functionality, reliability, security and economy. Within the ISG blockchain network, it is planned to create two types of tokens: ISGVALIDATOR (ISGV) and ISGSERVICE (ISGS). The owners of ISGV tokens become validators of the ISG blockchain network and will receive rewards in ISGS tokens. ISGS tokens will be designed to pay for ISG communication services and for any other transactions, similar to existing Bitcoin blockchains, etc

According to statistics already conducted by ICO, no more than 12% of Web sites visitors study White Paper. For this reason, within a few minutes of reading, we will provide important information that we want to convey to our potential customer!

International Sky Group Company (ISG) presents Satellite Communication System (SCS) with highspeed broadband access to Internet, which is more superior to analogues. The system is developed based on low-orbit, mobile, small-size satellite constellation.

This is the only system, combined with high speed of data transmission, functionality, reliability, security and economy. Unprecedented intersatellite and interorbital communication is able to provide broadband access to Internet, high-speed multimedia communication with subscribers located anywhere in the world. This system is not comparable to any other SCS in the world.

An own, fundamentally new "product" – which is not a copy of another technology.

What will be different after execution of the project?

In case of global organization of communications, ISG SCS will meet all the needs and will open new opportunities in the field of education, medicine, science, industry, business for an unlimited number of users in ground segment.

  • On board of a modern airliner, you will be able to communicate through voice or video communication with your colleagues or friends flying in another aircraft. You can send and receive messages, including video, watch movies and TV shows online. These opportunities will become regular to everyone!
  • When using satellite communication devices, there is an unbreakable rule which states that it is necessary to see the sky! With ISG technology, you will be able to use satellite communication services even indoor!
  • Outside the city, district, region or country: do not think about roaming problems, multimedia communications availability, Internet and e-mail! These services will also be available to you.
  • Existing capacity:

  • Ready to use technological and physical solution;
  • A platform for SV (Space vehicle) was developed, prototypes were built;
  • More than 100 ground tests (experiments) were conducted, the results of which are stored on hard data mediums, and documented by authoritative, profile organizations of the country;
  • Elements of technical platform of space vehicle are implemented and successfully used in working communication systems for various purposes;
  • Ready-made "product" for implementation.
  • Main functional capabilities:

  • Telephony;
  • Digital TV;
  • Payment systems;
  • SV is equipped with a navigation signal processing system GPS/GLONASS, as well as its own navigation system, with a resolution power of up to 50 cm;
  • Meteolocation;
  • Emergency Tracking function (Emergency situations)
  • Technological advantages:

  • 100 % coverage of the Earth’s information surface;
  • "Long-liver satellite", with the function of reusable re-programming during operation, with the weight up to 400 kg;
  • (ASL) - Active shelf life is not less than 15 years;
  • Active shelf life of the engine, with control system on APPWPTL (ablation plasma propulsion with pulsed transmission line), is 18 years;
  • ORC (Onboard Radio Complex) will operate in S, Ku, Ka frequency bands, communicating with ground and sub-satellite transmitters;
  • The time ORC will connect subscriber to SV is not more than 76 microseconds and will hold the signal, with Doppler frequency shift of 4000 Hz / s;
  • Throughput capacity of a single SV is 12.152 Gbps;
  • High-speed multimedia communication, providing data transfer rate of up to 12 Mbps per one subscriber, with a potential development reserve;
  • Direct contact of subscriber terminal with SV – the system does not provide ground repeaters or switches;
  • An absolutely new protocol for receiving and transmitting information was developed and tested, not providing a synchronizing signal accompanying the data stream. This factor provides highly stable and very accurate reception and transmission of the information;
  • Asynchronous communication. For initial and periodic adjustment, a long-term preamble is not required. Reception is feasible even at a signal of an unknown form;
  • Stable voice and multimedia communication for air subscribers, without expensive access points, as well as for users traveling at speeds of up to 12,000 km / h; Due to a synchronized signal absence used in other wireless communication systems and information transfer, it significantly reduces the radio frequency background, which will positively affect the reduction of RF load on people and the environment!
  • The whole world without roaming;
  • Satellite communication for the price of a mobile one;
  • Stable communication for subscribers is universal. SCS configuration can be dynamically reconstructed to compensate local overloads to subscriber traffic;
  • SCS will continue to function even if a part of SV fails.
  • Details

    Pre-sales: Nov 15, 2018 - Feb 15, 2019
    Public sales: Feb 15, 2019 - May 15, 2019
    Token supply: 267,750,000 ISG
    Soft cap: 30,000,000 USD
    Hard cap: 150,000,000 USD

    Token info

    Ticker: ISG
    Type: Utility-token
    Token price in USD: 1 ISG = 1 USD
    Accepted currencies: ETH
    Token distribution:
    76.5% Tokens for sale
    15% Token to owners
    5.5% Bounty and referrals
    2% Advisors
    1% ICO Team
    Funds allocation:
    69% Equipment costs, materials and orbit insertion
    2% Marketing budget
    17% Payroll
    9% Adjustment and testing
    3% Project insurance

    International Sky Group Roadmap

    Q2 2018 Whitepaper

    Whitepaper about our project is published.

    Q4 2018 Pre-ICO

    Will last 3 months for a narrow circle of companies and investors.

    Q1 2019 ICO

    Will last 3 months and anyone can buy tokens by exchanging them for crypto-currencies.

    Q2 2019 Implementation of the 1st stage of the project

    The implementation of space experiment (SE): the production of satellites, launch and adaptation in real space conditions. This phase will take from 18 to 24 months.

    Q2 2021 Implementation of the 2nd phase of the project

    Systematic deployment of the system, during the next 2-3 years, which will occur as part of the creation of a joint venture with large states. Covering the information space of their territories will be the beginning of the gradual withdrawal of the ISG system to large-scale commercial operation.

    Q2 2023/2024 Launch of the ISG satellites system in commercial operation

    Large-scale commercial operation launching procedures of the ISG satellites system, start of the services provision and sales.

    Project team

    TImur Kilimov
    TImur Kilimov
    Chief Executive Officer
    TImur Kilimov linkedin
    Vladislav Bojkachev
    Vladislav Bojkachev
    Technical Director. PhD. Technical Director of the Center for Design of On-Board Computing ANO STRC
    Vladislav Bojkachev linkedin
    Yuriy Bogdanov
    Yuriy Bogdanov
    Chief Industrial Engineer. PhD. Supervises a team of specialists who create the design and technology of manufacturing units, systems and spacecraft for the ISG CAS. «Inventor of the USSR»
    Yuriy Bogdanov linkedin
    Andrey Rysin
    Andrey Rysin
    Head of Radiotechnics Department. PhD. Highly qualified specialist in the field of development of specialized algorithms for high-speed information processing.
    Andrey Rysin linkedin
    Oleg Chernikov
    Oleg Chernikov
    Chief Structural Engineer. Phd. Has a huge practical experience in the development of on board radio-electronic equipment for spacecraft, including Yamal-100, Yamal-200, Meteor-M, Luna-Glob, Luna-Resurs, GLONASS-K, GLONASS-K2.
    Oleg Chernikov linkedin
    Sofya Arkusskaya
    Sofya Arkusskaya
    Head of Software Department. PhD.
    Sofya Arkusskaya linkedin
    Vladimir Dubrovskiy
    Vladimir Dubrovskiy
    Lead Engineer. PhD.
    Vladimir Dubrovskiy linkedin
    Valeriy Dmitrov
    Valeriy Dmitrov
    Head of the Department. PhD.
    Valeriy Dmitrov linkedin
    Yakov Ostrovskiy
    Yakov Ostrovskiy
    Sector Head. PhD.
    Yakov Ostrovskiy linkedin


    Scott Larson
    Scott Larson
    Co-founder and CEO of UrtheCast
    Scott Larson linkedin
    Serguei Bedziouk
    Serguei Bedziouk
    PhD in Space Human Engineering. Leading engineer at Innovation technologies management at National Institute of Aviation Technology JSC.
    Serguei Bedziouk linkedin
    Yuriy Kubarev
    Yuriy Kubarev
    Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor. Epoch person. One of the most significant figures in the field of aerospace research.
    Yuriy Kubarev linkedin
    Oleg Sirotkin
    Oleg Sirotkin
    Chairman of the Board, President of the National Technology Chamber. Academic, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor. Member of the Academy of Security, Defense, Law and Order. Member of the International Engineering Academy of the Russian Federation.
    Oleg Sirotkin linkedin
    Vladimir Bubela
    Vladimir Bubela
    Vice President of the National Technology Chamber. Ph.D.
    Vladimir Bubela linkedin

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