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The Smart WiFi Network Powered By You. Easily create your own hotspot network at home, at your business, or on-the-go and get paid!

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Project industryInternet & Telecommunications
Product typeTechnology
WhitepaperWicrypt White Paper Open

What is Wicrypt

Wicrypt is a decentralized mobile internet sharing and monetization network, allowing anyone to get paid for sharing their WiFi.

Wicrypt is the first African company to build a peer-to-peer infrastructure for sharing mobile internet data without need for third-party integration. WiFi can be shared via Wicrypt’s custom, affordable Hotspot Creator or mobile devices, while providers can tailor unique experiences, including surveys and ads, while collecting customer data. An already profitable company, Wicrypt has an exclusive partnership with the city of Enugu, Nigeria, to provide last-mile internet service to its citizens.

Wicrypt has an international team with experience working for some of Africa’s largest employers, including KPMG, Chevron, Accenture, Nielsen, and MTN Group, and is headquartered in Enugu, Nigeria.


IDO (OccamFi Launchpad): Dec 02, 2021 - Dec 03, 2021
Raised: 1,500,000 USD


Registration country: Nigeria
Registration year: 2017
Office address: 5C Bethel Plaza Garden Avenue, Enugu, Nigeria.

Token info

Ticker: WNT
Token distribution:
Pre Seed - 1,90%
Foundation - 2.740%
User Rewards - 5.0%
Host Rewards - 20%
Advisors - 4.0%
Seed - 2.70%
Strategic Seed - 5.0%
Device holders pffering - 10.0%
Piblic Sales - 1.4%
Bounders / Teams - 20.0%
Outliers Ventures - 6.0%

Wicrypt Roadmap

2018 - 2020
  • Hardware design and manufacturing
  • Wicrypt SO Design
  • Android and IOS apps
H1 2021
  • Launch of the updated dashboard/app
  • Pre-seed funding
  • Private sale
H2 2021
  • Expand to other African markets
  • Public sale/TGE
  • Wicrypt Token Staking & rewards begins
H1 2022
  • Wicrypt Token Staking & rewards begins
  • Expand to other markets beyond Africa
H2 2022
  • Production and Distribution of our devices locally

Project team

Ugochukwu Aronu
Ugochukwu Aronu
Ugochukwu Aronu linkedin
Chukwuemeka Nweke
Chukwuemeka Nweke
Chukwuemeka Nweke linkedin
Ayodele Olabiyi
Ayodele Olabiyi
Lead Data Scientist
Ayodele Olabiyi linkedin
Toni Dada
Toni Dada
Toni Dada linkedin
Chidozie Ogbo
Chidozie Ogbo
Chief Product Officer
Chidozie Ogbo linkedin
Chibueze Opata
Chibueze Opata
Senior Technical Consultant
Chibueze Opata linkedin

Social media

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