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iUVOCoin is a decentralized digital peer to peer lending platform that runs smart contracts.

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Project industryFinance Services & Banking
Product typePlatform
WhitepaperiUVOCoin White Paper Open

What is iUVOCoin

iUVOCoin owners will be rewarded with new coins launched under PowerLoan. New wallet will be added to the owner's account.

Consumers can check online whether an ecolabel on a product comes from a iUVOCoin member, and see the symbols that these legitimate certifying agencies use. So, if the eco-friendly product has proven that it really is environmentally preferable, and is a friend to the environment, it can be readily checked out on a smart phone, tablet or computer.

An eco-friendly person has similar attributes to an eco-friendly product. They re-use, recycle and reduce waste disposal in their lives. They conserve energy and natural resources, and they are conscious of the impact their actions have on others, and the planet’s ecosystems.

iUVOCoin will contribute to the support of environmentally friendly products and services.


Pre-sales: Jun 20, 2018 - Jul 20, 2018
Public sales: Aug 20, 2018 - TBA
Pre-sale token supply: 3,800,000
Token supply: 4,190,000

Token info

Ticker: UVC
Type: Utility-token
Token price in USD: 1 UVC = 0.2 USD
Accepted currencies: BTC,LTC,WAVES
Token distribution:
60% - ICO
20% - Company
12% - Team & Partner
8% - Advisor

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